Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Esoteric Perspective of the Sun, Moon, and You

An Esoteric Perspective of the Sun, Moon, and You
By Victoria Ferrer

What is the Sun?

From my own perspective and experience, I have come to understand that the Sun is a macro cosmic manifestation of our collective ego consciousness.

When the sun reacts violently, we feel its affects physically as individuals caught in global cataclysms.

As of March 9, 2011, we entered the final phase of the Mayan calendar.
What does this mean?
This simply means that time will speed up as you never felt before. The sun has always been awake, but not fully aware. Its recent activity is its response- our response to becoming aware, to our fullest potential.

What is our fullest potential?
For starters, it simply means to understand, accept, and rejoice in knowing that we are eternal beings and that no one ever truly experiences death. We are alive due to our egos, it is after all its' necessity to live and experience life that gives us this opportunity to do so. But in doing so, we forget who we are. We forget the laws of the universe, the meaning of fractals upon fractals, the ancient language of symbols, the beauty of duality as one, the infinity of our being and our nothingness all at the same time. We are the creator, the architects of this game called life that we design in order to lose ourselves in the moment. This is the greatest of all meditations. To feel, to hurt, to love, to lose, to join, to laugh, to die...These are all the reasons why we modeled this life. To experience our own creation. Our ego, the sun, is both the co-creator and the creation; the illusion of reality as an experience.

But what about destruction and truth?
The moon, being a satellite, is in part responsible for our emotions, psychological influences, intuition, and awareness. The moon is in touch with both the true nature of who you are and its' psychological underpinnings. the satellite brings in feed from other interactive planets, which I personally believe are the archetypes of our soul; a past sense of Self, and the gods of mythologies who represent different philosophical ideals in our own psyches. They are the gods in us concerning love and beauty (Venus), passion and warfare (Mars), laws and obedience (Saturn), justice and paternity (Jupiter), cognitive thinking (Uranus), abstract ideas, art, and guidance for many (Neptune), communication (Mercury), and how they interact with our egos (the sun) and our ability to receive (the moon). The moon, as I see it, is therefore responsible for releasing certain aspects or our lives, ideals, and belief structures that are no longer working for us as individuals and a unified consciousness, as its' purpose is to bring truth to our ego without it resulting in immediate "death". Destruction is a necessity, because in order to build anew, what is up must first come down. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the importance of destruction is just as important as creation. Without the one, there could not be the other. Alas, the power of duality as one.

So where does the moon get its' vital information from?
Certainly not the Sun. The Sun is what people describe as 'ignorance being bliss.' It is the most powerful aspect in our lives and yet, where would humanity be without the influence of some compelling truth in our everyday lives? For this reason, the moon takes on the role of shadow, in Jungian terms, which expresses hard to swallow truths. When the ego (Sun) begins to understand its' true potential including these truths, it becomes active, similar to when one awakens in the morning, stretching out at times as with solar flares. This, in turn, may cause drastic effects on Earth. Take for example, the continuous amount of solar mass ejections that have been projected towards Earth this month alone.

Now, I'm not a doctor, but I do have a strong understanding of fractals and a solid connection with Source that allows me to see things for what they are.

I can almost assure you that this specific projection is what caused Japan's Earthquake/Tsunami domino effect, because as I mentioned in my previous post, 'Pole Reversal and the Cosmos'- the Sun is a mirror of us, as personified Earth, and Earth expands whenever its' consciousness does.

So instead, the moon channels information and potential awareness from the Galactic Center, which is the core of spiritual essence, the 'god particle,' and the manifestation of our Omnipotent/Omnipresent Self. The moon distributes that information to us depending on our individualized connection to the Moon, Sun, and Center and how well we've come to desensitize our egos. Our ego, the collective consciousness represented by the Sun believes in all its power and might that it is god. The shadowy influence of the moon is a token reminder that it is truly much greater than that and also nothing at all, simultaneously.

Now, many astronomers describe the moon on the 19th of March to be a Supermoon. It will be extremely close to Earth at the time of its' peak, when it is full. This light that shines in the dark serves as a catalyst for our growth which will be particularly strong at this point. It allows us to see certain 'ugly' truths about ourselves that instead of rejecting to accept, must embrace and learn from. Allow the coming changes to consume you. Embody them as you see the manifestation of these changes in the outside world, as well. Become the chaos rather than fighting against it, as it is part of your nature, but don't lose yourself in the chaos either, but rather, own it. This will help you adapt to the upcoming changes, on a spiritual, psychological, and physical level.

The moon, coming near Earth, can be seen as our willingness to receive QA BA LAH. The Sun's activity can be seen as its' last attempts to fight this truth. The Sun will eventually accept its' position, by understanding and accepting the power of both creation and destruction, which is its fate. Ironically and inevitably, it is both creation and destruction in essence.

This is the electrifying power of the Kundalini rising.
We can now feel the growing truth within our consciousness and the greater understanding of life that has humbled our egos, giving us the opportunity to start again in a new way, a new form, and a new light. It is the Anima/Animus within us all and their polarization that creates the zero-point balance and awareness within ourselves and the Universe as a whole. Never underestimate the power of the Self which is a universe both above, and below.

 It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them (CW8:794).

**In the next coming days, I will be discussing some dreams/visions in the last year that immediately relate to our current events. Stay tuned and until next time friends,
Altruistic love and Self remembrance.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pole Reversal and the Cosmos

  I recently wrote a blog about the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, (not my first) but felt I didn't focus enough on explaining, to my understanding, what exactly a Pole Reversal is in relation to the cosmos, why it may occur and how it affects us on all levels, so I wanted to take some time and go over it to the best of my ability.

  As I mentioned in my post, 'New Cycle, New Sign, New North', I believe that the Zodiac is a macro cosmic clock. Instead of numbers measuring the position of the sun to tell time, our ancestors used it to measure ages (like the hour) which landed on specific archetypes or 'signs' which directly influence our values, roles, emotions, with the potential of new paradigms.

   Shiva-Lingha, the Destroyer, is not known as death within itself, but as 'change.' Change to something that is no longer functioning or in harmony with its' surroundings. Learning to vibrate at specific frequencies and being capable of adapting to change results in an alchemical evolution; being able to witness and participate in such drastic change. I believe that through the passing of each age, the Earth grows or expands, as with all life forms. Growth takes place gradually, but sometimes it occurs in drastic leaps. This awareness is the measurement of growth, marked by an age, like an initiation or rites of passage, such as a Sweet 16ths or Quinces. The sun is a reflection of our consciousness, so its growth mirrors earth's growth! The magnetic north pole shift is the effect (because of time) of solar flares, hence why earths electromagnetic fields weaken in the process. Something similar happens on the sun. Earth goes through a cycle of time (the zodiac) which at the turn of an age may cause pole reversals that act as a growth spurt because of its' connection to the sun (our consciousness manifested on a macro level). We all know how uncomfortable those can be, but the result is always one we're capable of handling. The destroyer aspect causes this change that allows us to reevaluate our belief systems or ideologies and cancels out what is no longer working; something all Science, History, and Religious Texts are in suit to follow. In order for this to occur, our very foundations must be shaken, which is what is happening in the world today. The sun/pole shift is affecting us physically and spiritually, expanding our very own consciousness, to the point where this information becomes accessible through activation of ancestral or "junk" DNA memory.  

   The north and south don't 'flip' as is believed. To my understanding, from reading the NASA article, many Magnetic Norths (and Souths) start appearing all over the Earth. You know this when you see Auroras in many different places on earth, similar to how the Northern part of the U.S. was able to see it last year. Well, that's just the beginning. Eventually, the popping up of Norths and Souths will be in constant motion for a while triggered by these sun spots, which in effect loosen the Earth's magnetic shield. A full on reversal may occur in the coming years which, as previously stated, is the result of Earth's expansion. This in turn causes geomagnetic and seismic activity. Volcanic lava allows for new land masses while other land masses inundate. It is all about shifting roles, in order to experience all perspectives in this grand fascination called life. No one knows for sure how long a reversal lasts, though there are some groups who believe that it can take up to thousands of years. Once the poles are stabilized (it can end up anywhere), we have an official New Magnetic North, a New Age, and a New paradigm for living. It will be a new beginning.

"Blessed is he who shall stand in the beginning, and he shall know the end and shall not taste of death."- Gospel of Thomas; Nag Hammadi

Monday, January 31, 2011

Global Revolution or Planned Havoc? The situation in Egypt and How it Affects the Rest of Us

"On February 8, 1963, the Baath Party, in collaboration with a few army officers, staged a coup d’├ętat and killed Qassem. Hussein immediately left Cairo and arrived in Baghdad, where he became a midlevel internal security official. This was also when he married his maternal cousin, Sajidah Khayr Allah Tilfah. Qassem’s downfall was apparently not the exclusive result of his mistake of denying the Communists weapons, nor of the Baath Party’s talent for staging coups. According to reliable sources, the coup was supported, if not actually engineered, by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Starting in 1959, the CIA identified Qassem as a sworn enemy of the United States and a staunch ally of the Soviet Union. Over this issue there were deep disagreements between the CIA and the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. The Israeli analysts were convinced that Qassem was not a Communist, nor a Soviet satellite, and they had sufficient evidence that he was not an enemy of Israel. In fact, his rivalry with Nasser served Israel’s purpose of separating Iraq from Egypt. In 1963 the CIA, if it was indeed involved, had the upper hand. The Baath regime under General Abdul Salam Arif (1920–1966) as a titular figurehead launched a bloody campaign against Iraqi Communists who, despite deep reservations, had supported Qassem. Within six months the regime managed to slaughter around ten thousand men, real or perceived Communists. This, however, was no victory for the United States, because the Baath regime was still seeking Soviet, not American, support.

 During the nine months of Baath rule (February to November 1963), Hussein aligned himself with the centrist faction in the party that was also supported by Aflaq. Hussein found it easy to join this faction because the group’s leader, General Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr (1914–1982), the prime minister under General Arif, was his distant relative and a childhood friend of Hussein’s uncle. All three were members of the Albu Nasir tribe, al-Beigat section, and all originated from the Tikrit area. This connection to Bakr proved a crucial step in Hussein’s rise to power.

In November 1963 Arif and the army, with the help of some Baath officers including Bakr, toppled the civilian Baath regime and took full control of the country. After a few months of collaboration with Arif, the Baath leaders, including Hussein and Bakr, were hunted down and imprisoned. In 1964 Hussein escaped from prison. Other party members were released, which enabled them in July 1968 to stage another coup and topple the Arif regime." - source

   In the same way the CIA, with the support of the United States, propped up Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the U.S. also assisted in getting people to become very angry and revolt against the dictator and his oppressive government, acting as if they were with the people in the transition of 'regimes,' both in the 1960s to implement Saddam and again in the 2000s to take him out when he was no longer a valuable asset. This certainly does seem like a supreme window of opportunity to instill western philosophy, controlled democracy, and capitalism in Iraq, Egypt, doesn't it?  Yes, this does sound too familiar. The actions of the past are but a mirror of repetitive strategies and events going on in Egypt today. Now, I could be wrong, but then ask yourself this- of all the protests going on throughout the world, Greece rioting over the financial system since 2010, the continuous gaining of momentum of protesters in the UK which includes London, Russia, and the other 20+ countries revolting against the corruption of government and financial systems, why does the mainstream media only choose to cover Egypt and only Egypt?

Key in point-

I know FOX isn't stupid enough to not know where Egypt is. But the matter of the fact is that most Americans are actually quite ignorant when it comes to geology and current international (and domestic) affairs. The current situation is not taking place in the Middle East. It's taking place in Africa. Yet somehow, they're trying to integrate the Middle East in this upheaval and make it an 'Arab problem' when really, it's a Financial Institution and oppressive Government problem. The base of all Central Banks is, of course, in Israel.

Common sense tells me that mainstream media would never dare to release info if they didn't really want the public to know about it and learn about it they way they sell it, so there are, no doubt, some Israeli lobbyist ties to this entire mess. I agree with Rand Paul when he suggests the United States stop supporting Israel, but if that were to be the case, you could kiss 40% of our poisoned products and 90% of our propagated television goodbye considering the United States is Israel's largest single trading partner. Personally, I don't think that's a bad idea, but most Americans prefer immoral convenience rather than to stand up for what is right.

  Personally, I'm all about a global revolution, but at the same time I also feel I should mention that this  "transition" seems more and more like a fabrication of the CIA and Mossad. Besides the blatant lies on television, the 'coincidences' and repetition of events between Egypt and Iraq, its' unfinished political business, and the justification to kill as many Arabs as possible, there is also the number of ruined priceless artifacts the mainstream media is blaming the citizens for.

It reminds me of all the ruined artifacts the U.S. military has destroyed since 2003 in Iraq.

"When the Gulf War ended, looters smuggled thousands of artifacts out of Iraq. Many other priceless monuments from thousands of years old civilizations were left lying around to be destroyed carelessly and casually. With the new U.S. - Iraq war, the specter looms of smart bombs hitting thousands upon thousands of archaeological treasure troves."
 Another source says:

"One million books, 10 million documents and 14,000 archaeological artifacts have been lost in the U.S.-led invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq -- the biggest cultural disaster since the descendants of Genghis Khan destroyed Baghdad in 1258, Venezuelan writer Fernando Baez told IPS"

   Often times, artifacts hold the key to our ancient past. It makes sense if the CIA and Mossad would want to destroy these keys, but it makes absolutely no sense to me that local Egyptians would demolish their own heritage, not unless they are fighting for all the wrong reasons. This also leads me to wonder if the world is ready for a global revolution. Unless the people come to understand that government is a form of mind control, the process will continue to repeat itself as we've already seen. If a leader is chosen, may it be by the people and for the people. May our new leaders not be concerned about personal wealth and gain, but about liberation of their people and the world at large.

I pray this is not a fabricated coup d'etat. I pray that this truly is the anger of the people demanding change, but in order for that to happen, the citizens- whether in Egypt or America, must understand how oppression is created, and then choose to do away with it. More jobs, more American chains around the world is NOT going to resolve the problem of oppression, it only masks it. Whoever the new leader may be, the citizens must not put their guard down. They must be ready to continue to revolt if their new leader ends up being a) Saddam Hussein or b) elected by a fake democracy in order to implement American philosophy and capitalism. We must rise against this global karma; the endless cycle of allowing ourselves to be governed by people who do not love themselves, the world around them, and the world they live in, but are instead slaves to selfishness and the material world. We must find ourselves in this process and realize we can govern ourselves if and only if we understand the principles of respect, acceptance, abundance, and love, and in order to do that we must first learn from the past, and choose not to repeat it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Cycle, New Sign, New North

  It is no coincidence that every single news source has taken upon themselves to introduce a "new" constellation and zodiac sign to the public, but why?

  Magnetic North has shifted into Siberia. A new vantage point from earth introduces a constellation that has been there for millenia but never used in our zodiac until now. More than likely, it will affect only those born 2011 and after since it is the first time in modern history that Ophiuchus is introduced publicly by the world press. But astrology is more than horoscopes. Our ancestors understood it as a means to measure time. The 13th sign of Ophiuchus, known as the serpent bearer, has been considered an ecliptic sign since its' discovery, but because of the earth's new and ongoing shift of its axis, it is possible that it maybe now appear within our zodiacal spectrum.

  The last shift occurred about 3,000 years ago. The Northern star shifted from Thuban in Draco to Polaris. The zodiac we know of today has been based on this vantage point. However, the shifting magnetic north is once again calling for a new northern star which may also change the zodiacal wheel we find ourselves in, this time with 13 signs.

   The magnetic North is shifting at 40 km per year, calculated to soon become aligned with Vega in the constellation of Lyra. The zodiacal story we've all been reading about today is basically a gentle way of letting the public know we are in for some great changes. Already, airports have had to shut down, and we all continue to hear about the ongoing mass deaths of birds and fish all around the world with seemingly no explanation. But if you consider the biology of these beings and understand that both bird and fish alike use Earth's magnetic field created by the magnetic north and south poles for navigation, then things begin to become apparent and alas, sense at last. Consider what happens to planes and ships that cross over the Bermuda Triangle. This story in the mainstream is simply an introduction to a new sign to those who have not yet been aware of it. It is also a clear indicator of the implications magnetic North has had already this year alone.

   Since each sign of the zodiac is composed of 30 degrees, each astrological age might be thought to last about 72 (years) × 30 (degrees) = about 2160 years. So about every 2,100- 3,700 years, a pole shift occurs marking a new age. The zodiac has contained 12 signs since we can remember, with the age of Pisces being the last. Every 26,000 marks the completion of a full wheel, and a new cycle begins. This is known as the Great Year or Platonic Year. This complete cycle and ongoing pole shift is said to be on schedule with its' peak occurring in 2012. Evidence of the pole shift can be seen now and in the years to come.


  According to NASA, soon, there shall be many magnetic Norths and Souths all over the world creating beautiful landscapes of color in our skies otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. This is the result of the weakening of Earth's magnetic field which serves as both a shield for protection and a quarantine against the vastness that is space so that nothing can come in and no one can go out.

  It is said, that the Precession of the Equinox and the entering of the Photon Belt in 2012 will completely dissipate Earth's electromagnetic sphere, which may be the reason why our ancestors built such elaborate underground cities, wouldn't you agree? Especially considering all the warnings of repetition they have left us.

     Looking back at history and following my ancestral guidance, it seems as though the most impacting cataclysms take place due to the Precession of the Equinox, causing a spontaneous leap in consciousness and evolution that may be scientifically proven by observing both biology and time.

According to the New World Bible, the zodiac, up until now, has been divided into four parts consisting of three ages, each age emphasizing an archetypal phase, repeated throughout.The Zodiac is divided as follows:
  • Age of Aquarius (Water); Destroyer / Age of Capricorn (Goat); Creator / Age of Sagittarius (Archer); Saviour
  • Age of Scorpio (Scorpion); Destroyer / Age of Libra (Scales); Creator / Age of Virgo (Virgin); Saviour
  • Age of Leo (Lion); Destroyer / Age of Cancer (Crab); Creator / Age of Gemini (Twins); Saviour
  • Age of Taurus (Bull); Destroyer / Age of Aries (Ram); Creator /  Age of Pisces (Fish); Saviour

  Unlike the zodiac wheels we are used to where Aries is first, Aries is the 11th sign, and Aquarius is first. This makes much more sense considering that the age before Pisces was indeed Aries, the Ram, and the one we are going into is Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

  Note that each quarter consists of three phases according to the age. The phases represented by each age are Destroyer (O), Creator (A), and Saviour (I).

   The Saviour phase of every quarter amplifies duality. Wars are heightened. It is the time that throughout history, we have seen the airplane and the ship come into existence, long before our current recorded dates of these technologies. These are the 'dark ages' of the zodiac, as it is maintained by a game of War and Peace and a veil of forgetfulness. Polarity is in a state of dualism rather than harmony awareness which systematically, and paradoxically, is followed by the Destroyer Age. Throughout history we have seen the Redeemer archetypes: Krishna, Horus, and Jesus who are said through religious texts, to be the Christs, knowing the Universal language of the Laws of Vibrational Energy, which sustain and preserve humanity, sharing and extending the Law of One who at the end of the age (now) are resurrected with this knowingness, which in turn is the seed for the next generations in the coming age. It is the Iota in Thelema.

  The Destroyer phase, also known as Omega, follows Redeemer. Many religions personify it as the God of Justice, whereas Judgment Day takes place on the 12th hour of the zodiacal clock. Earth changes throughout the destroyer phases occur on different levels depending on the karmic situation. At the brink of every destroyer, you can find a world-wide cataclysm waiting to occur. Destroyer ages in the past have included the deity Shiva, with a large emphasis on Pluto in modern day. According to New World Bible, the cycle begins with the destroyer who tears down what did not work in order to build anew.

 The Creator phase, is said to be like Spring, where new life emerges, and/or reshaped. The God Cronus is symbolic of Saturn. Very few existing ancient traditions regard this age of the beginning of each new cycle as the Golden Age, such as in Greek and Roman mythologies, the Bhagavad Gita, and other Hindu yugas, etc.

   This is a time where realities begin to overlap. The choices and consequence will become more and more clear by the day to those aware of the box, within and without. Can Ophiuchus in itself be a completely different age on a whole other plane of existence? Aligning with our consciousness to perhaps allow us to choose our next aeon? As my friend Donny says, Ophichus is, after all, 'the only sign to become human' and therefore possesses the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Our 26,000 year cycle, a complete trip around the Zodiac marks the end of the fourth complete cycle as far as human knowledge is concerned and welcomes the 5th. The Hopis call this the time of the 'Fifth Sun.' This isn't the first time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

PART II: Disclosure, WikiLeaks, and Our Collective Recognition

 I know a lot of you have been asking me about when my work on the Pleiadian Agenda will be published but unfortunately, I am unable to share any of that information at this time. On that note, however, I do feel that it's very important to touch base and express my own personal hypothesis concerning the whole WikiLeaks issue, and how it is entirely influenced by the naturally occurring Disclosure process.

If you haven't already read David Wilcox' recent work on 'China's October Surprise' PART 123,  I recommend everyone who is interested in current global-spiritual events to do so as it helps give some frame of reference on the whole scope of things, including this article. I also highly recommend watching the entire Season 1 of The EvEnt, because I believe it's pretty accurate at describing 'behind the scenes', almost real time events regarding disclosure as if this was information just released by a wiki cable leak.

Synopsis of 'The EvEnt' (May contains spoilers!)
Since The Event aired, the viewer has been able to sees the extra-terrestrial influence in government, and no, it's not just a show. One of the great things about it is how the show depicts two groups of influential human et's (or EBE's, as they're called; ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entities). One group has been working within and outside of government to prepare for disclosure since the 40s. Their purpose is to return to the source in which they came. Another EBE group has accumulated power and wealth and uses it to manipulate government and media in order to keep knowledge of EBE's and Universal existence undisclosed to the evolving masses. The ironic part of it all, is that the more they force secrecy, the more transparency there is.

Assange stated publicly that he was going to be releasing UFO cables, but was stopped short of it when he was arrested and detained without bail. Many extreme Republicans have been calling for his execution, calling him 'unpatriotic,' and 'unamerican,' and a great 'threat' to national and international security for releasing documents exposing governments involvement with acts against humanity. The fugitive remained in hiding for some time in Sweden, in which I'm sure he made multiple back up files of all unpublished cables if his intentions are truly sincere. Assange had released an estimated 90,000 of the +200,000 top secret cables that disclosed corruption in government and government institutions on the Wikileaks wesbite. Not all cables are factual. Like, the system was open to any whistleblower or intelligence for that matter that wanted to perhaps accuse specific governments or concoct fraudulent cables to further validate their already preposterous claims. Some of these were stories already told by Mainstream Media and were paid once again to pick them up. But what about the ones not being picked up by the news, or even published by Assange for that matter?

   If there were over 200,000 documents posted by whistleblowers and over half of them weren't released by Assange, what happened to them? One website describes Israeli Intelligence/Government making a paid deal with Assange early this year to remove and destroy any and all cables exposing their corruption. Although, there are no credible sources of this claim, one should really use their observation & common sense skills to rethink, or at least question this claim. Personally, I haven't seen any cables exposing the atrocities they've committed (especially in Gaza), but I also haven't read anything 'nice' about them either which is another claim made by the website, RedIceCreations.
   So one really has to ask- Is Assange just another corrupt news source accepting a bribe and allowing the release of forged cables, or did he accept the bribe in guidance, counseled that someone will notice how there is absolutely no public cables accusing Israel of ANYTHING. I am not saying Assange is innocent nor guilty, but only questioning the motive behind his actions. I believe it is a risky but wise flag to wave because it shows people where the foolish muscle is truly coming from. Within these unpublished cables, I am almost certain many include intelligence reports documenting ET influence in Nazi Germany and American funding of the 3rd Reich as a pretense to justify and create the illegal state of Israel; the base.

    These hidden secret files may also explain why Sweden suffered a terrorist attack on 12.11.2010 in which the terrorists tried to declare their presence. The Yahoo news article has completely changed since this morning and is now proclaiming the terrorist was a radicalized Muslim. Oh, how convenient and easy it is for government sponsored terrorism to claim they're Islamic because they know the world would believe it. However, common sense says this is a show of muscle by intelligent agencies, Mossad/CIA/MI6 in response to the missing and hidden unpublished cables. Things could start getting worse there if people don't start putting 2 + 2 together. Like the U.S.'s occupation of Afghanistan in trying to find 'Osama Bin Laden' in a cave, or U.S.'s occupation of Iraq in trying to find WMD's in caves, let's just hope the U.S. will not occupy Sweden in the name of "saving" the world from terrorism, when what they would be looking for are cables hidden in caves that they're considering the biggest threat yet- knowledge and information that can change the most of the world's view of government, religion, and authority in general by providing full transparency and disclosure.

 Another website I recently found (again, with no sources), states that a leaked scientific cable claims that the world's biggest international navy fleet has been dispatched to the Somalian peninsula. The cover story is that they're there to fight against 'Somalian piracy,' but this cable supposedly states that scientists have discovered a vortex there that defies all the laws of nature. Perhaps soon, at the rate in which Nature and our paradigm is changing, disclosure will happen all on its' own.  The energies of manipulative ignorance, no matter how much they fight awareness, are only helping to expose the truth in the big picture; We are ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entities, in many forms and many roles, with just one purpose. I'll be discussing this in my next blog.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Extra Terrestrial Contact, Media Hype, and Our Collective Recognition

     In the last couple months I've been able to gather enough information in order to draw some personal speculations based on the many speculations that have been circulating the internet since the beginning of September. Yes, what you are about to read are speculations on speculations. There is absolutely no validity whatsoever, other than personal experience, research, and my personal collective recognition.

     I'm sure many of you by now have read the article by author and clairvoyant, David Wilcox, entitled Disclosure, "The Event" and China's "October Surprise". In it, he speaks of information attained by people in 'high places,' insiders and other bloggers who know the certain status of current events dealing with the financial system of the United States, as well as a certain plan 'carried out' by China and an upcoming 'event.'
Sounds like so much fun I can barely wait for Christmas.

     Wilcox discusses the new NBC show called "The EvEnt", in which he says is the newest media disclosure piece to ever hit airwaves. He also mentions that not all the extra terrestrials on this tv show are 'bad,' only a select few,' in which I might add, makes accurate sense considering extra terrestrial simply means it is found outside of our own terrestrial plane. It can mean anything from bacteria, vegetation, animal/ insect, a humanoid, a hybrid of various sorts, or something we can't even fathom. Like humans, some species are instinctually benevolent, some are instinctually malevolent. Some posses great technologies, others have limited technologies, or no technologies at all, for varying reasons. Case in point, there are so many different species in our infinite spectrum of life, that to say all are 'good' or all are 'bad' is just not logical.

    The article also makes big mention that China conducted some sort of publicly unknown, unscathed, "move" which, according to Wilcox, will more than likely not be announced, or at least not for a while. This 'move' whatever it may be, is one that is supposedly shaking the "old world order into chaos." Now, I find it important to take a moment and share some insight from what I've personally gathered on the world's orders for the sake of clarity and understanding towards current events. In short, what is the old world order? It is a mindset created by varying politics, religions, and bureaucracies that enforce a dominant idea, which in this case is lack and limitation. Take our money system for example. Money, whether backed by trees or gold should not make an iota of difference, however, the value system set in place defines it as a means of exchange. It is that value system that creates the illusion of worth or lack of, division, greed, power, selfishness, etc. Something that I have learned in my life's experiences is that the Universe is abundant in all things. Limitation exists only as restrictions. Whether it is resources, food, wealth, or even knowledge- he who writes the law, creates the restrictions; creates the imbalance we so easily subject ourselves to. Our egos, of course, are okay with this reasoning because it wants, needs, and loves to compete as a sense of accomplishment. But the Cake is a Lie.

    As time filters through and more people start recognizing their potential, the clearer it will be that we have the capabilities to all be equally healthy, equally rich, equally educated, and equally cared for. The new coming age is one in which people understand their co-creativity rather than deny it. Some occultists in the past such as Alice Bailey have called this new age a new world order, because for certain, it is new and it is global. Of course, she didn't invent the statement and it didn't help when it was misused 100 years later by the right-wing extreme 'christian conservative', President Bush Senior, when he decided to confuse the masses by mentioning something they only had known about subconsciously. Since the 70s, the authorities have used the New World Order catch-phrase to warn their main target audience, Christians, that the end was near. I remember because I was only a few years old when I first heard of this completely misguided information. Through the promotion of the Book of Revelations, Christians all over the United States and in Europe have purchased the idea that the New World Order means a totalitarian government. This information is incorrect. A New World Order in thesis, is a global world government that represents the One Human Race rather than division upon division based on ethnicity, classes, and social dogmas. However, these fear tactics and word association dealing with the NWO were strategically set in place decades ago so that when that information later surface (such as today), people would already have been trained to think it means the opposite of beneficent.

 Watch this Trailer for 'A Thief in the Night,' released in 1972 propogating fear of alien life, Christianity, and a NWO government in which you cannot buy or sell without a microship implant/666 Tattoo.

Let's keep reading...

    The events unfolding and how they're unfolding are partially due to the fact that so many humans are still unconvinced that life exists beyond planet Earth. Others are reevaluating and drawing more logical conclusions, and yet many, simply can't wait for our ancestors return. It's possible that because of heavy duty programming, some of us humans will not be very welcoming.

    Based on the information circulating the web in the last 3 years, a lot of people have been persuaded of a leaked 'Project Blue Beam,' a government sponsored, CIA backed, operation. My opinion? The operation is the response to the preempted 'knowledge' of coming events. A study and training program of sorts in which a disinformation campaign is targeted and therefor distributed by certain individuals, in order to discredit the upcoming events as a 'fake alien invasion.' Many, therefore, believe it will be completely staged, and those who don't believe it will be a nasty space attack. Truthfully in my opinion, Project Bluebeam has little to nothing to do with an invasion, but everything to do with the the power of suggestion. 

A couple things particularly stood out in the Bluebeam article which I would like to somehow challenge. According to Serg Monast, who originally wrote the piece in 1994,

"Then the projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one after correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations will have been disclosed." 

He goes on to make some pretty far-fetched claims that result in the creation of a one world "NWO" religion and the culprit merger who is the Antichrist, which has taken on the voice and image of the world's most beloved deities. I for one, think this is a brilliant idea and would probably be in the front of the line bathing in kool-aid with my hippie new age friends, but on the other hand, I also happen to believe that these Christ avatars are beyond human form and the images given to them throughout history do not define them nor should they limit them in anyway. I also find it too suspicious that the tv show 'V' has a similar 'messiah' portrayal in order to enslave masses. The report also claims that many 'new' ancient archeological finds that will be discovered will disprove religion. And yes, they are preaching that this is a bad thing. So what does any of this have to do with a 'fake alien invasion'? For one, the release of this information on Youtube some years ago has suddenly got everyone talking about it due to the increasing number of UFO sightings and videos uploaded in the last 2 years, but especially in the last few weeks. Whether holographic or real, something appearing in our skies is bound to create some sort of chaos or at least confusion, which is why I believe it's important to remain discerning and open to possibilities.

    Personally, I dont think contact will be faked, simply because this  overdue 'event' has been written about millennia ago by various ancient cultures around the world who wanted us to remember our roots and origins for this very moment in history. The reason why mainstream media has had a sudden interest in 'foreign' affairs is because the knowledge that 'we are not alone' is now inevitable and will soon be undeniable. Many conspiracy sites and speakers who have made their disapproval towards President Obama abundantly clear are also those who fear losing their rights to possess fire arms. Perhaps this gun control proposition is for a reason? Perhaps shows like 'V' are meant to scare the masses into having hostile reactions if and when our ancestors do make contact? Suppose gun control is merely a myth, a form of reverse psychology so that those who fear the next step in evolution can stock up and remain viciously territorial like wild dogs whose bones are being taken away. 

 Certainly, one of the things most anticipated by the Judeo-Christian West is the coming of a 'New Jerusalem.' Ah yes, the one where the streets and shiny buildings are made of gold. Ask any christian and he/she will tell you this is Heaven, where only the "chosen" go. Well, if you've seen Predators, I highly doubt you want to be among the chosen. Fact: there are much more valuable things than gold. To conjure up the idea that heaven on earth has arrived because a city coming from the sky is built on the very substance that so many human beings have lost their lives for, slaved for, cheated for, stole for, massacred for, robbed for, etc brings much suspicion to me with valid reason. For one, Christianity is much more than a religion, it is a stronghold that discourages individualistic opinions and healthy questioning. Christians are taught to obey authority rather than question it, yet wasn't Jesus' the one who pointed out the Pharisees' hypocrisies and foolishness? Many Christians in their churches are being told that the New Jerusalem is awaiting them. The last time Jews were transported to a place that would bring betterment to the community as a whole, did not end very well. I somehow draw the conclusions that the 'city in the sky' will end up being the very thing so many Christians expect. Could the new Jerusalem be a totalitarian government in disguise?

I feel it's important to realize that gold is the substance that many scholars, archeologists, and anthropologists who've studied ancient artifacts left by our ancestors, agree is the motive behind slavery, 100, 500, and 6000+ years ago. Can this be the reason why Fort Knox is empty? Is this the reason why our dollar is inflated and many countries refuse to exchange for it? Can this be a self-fabricated plot twist meant to continue the karmic cycle of experience for those whose consciousness will remain on a 3rd dimensional plane of existence? I think there is a lot more going on here than we can possibly know of, but I do think that speculating speculations has proven to me, in the passed, to be a successful way to achieving answers for those frequently asked questions. In the mean time, follow your heart, your intuition, your meditation, and take only what resonates with you. I will be breaking down my thoughts on the "New World Order" very soon. please stay tuned. In the meantime, just watch your step and don't believe everything you hear. Question everything.

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Looks pretty tempting doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blood History and our Extra Terrestrial Origins

In late 2007, I was introduced to the Sumerian Enuma Elish, the story of creation which influenced the Torah and the later Old Testament Bible. All through history and shrouded in mystery, lies the undeniable fact that Earth was not only visited by extra terrestrials in the past, but assisted in our evolution as we are today.
I will summarize histories and accounts as documented in various ancient and modern day texts which reveal compelling information regarding our genetic make up and our true origins.

It is said, that millions of years ago, Earth was barren and violent. Many scientists agree that the first signs of life sprung upon Earth only after she was hit by a protoplanet [or large meteor(s)]. She was called Tiamat, according to the Ancient Sumerians. She was the creative watery forces that gave birth to all aquatic life and some. It was during this time that a part of Earth became our moon and the other part, our asteroid belt as it is explained in their epic story of creation. Millions of years of physical evolution introduced new and varying species, as 'survival of the fittest' was merely not about strength or power, but about how adaptable to change one can be... Let's fast forward a few million years to the time we come into being...

If we consider the words of the old testament that we came from both the dust of earth and the breath of life, then we can understand to an extent that our DNA is composed of both organic, Earth-bound structures and exo-genetic material. Consider that prior to DNA, living things ran off a different blueprint program, RNA, which has only one helix. DNA contains a double helix which may very well represent panspermia, the idea that life exists and is distributed throughout the Universe as a 'seed' by various means, including violent meteor and asteroid collisions. This is where the principle thought of 'father sky' and 'mother earth' came into being. Alas, there is truth in this principle in which evolution and creationism coexist. This principle allows us to engage in a whole new thought form where we can better understand our origins on both a macro and microcosmic level, scientifically and spiritually.

 Gene-Isis: The Missing Link
   According to the Sumerian story of creation, as well as other texts such as Zecharia Sitchen's interpretations of the Sumerian Tablets, and Laurence Gardener's Grail series, an advanced race of extra terrestrials (known as the anunnaki, 'from heaven to earth') came and habitated areas of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Middle East. While many of our modern day texts are compiled on theories, it is a fact that Mesopotamia was indeed the cradle of civilization 6,000 years ago, but let's not forget, this isn't when it started, it is when it restarted. These and many other texts describe two extra terrestrial brothers, Enlil, who is known as Jehova in the old Testament (distinct from YHVH, an abstract and magickal sigil). Enlil is also known as Zeus in Greek, the glorious ruler whom proclaimed himself king and god of gods. It is said that he differentiated between man (as a mortal) and his brethren (the Elohim, as divine immortal beings), and therefore his motive was to keep evolving humans ignorant of their divinity, their potential, and their origins, which existed prior to existence. According to Sitchen and the Nag Hammadi's 'Secret Book of John', Enlil (or Yaldabaoth as he is known in the Nag Hammadi Gospels) has the motivation to keep humans in the dark in order to use them as slaves, which if we look at modern society today, one can see not much has changed. This is said to be the reason why man was forbidden to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. In the end, however, this purpose serves as a catalyst for free will, and though many have come to condemn the anunnaki for manipulating our thinking, we simply would not be here if it weren't for this perfect plan, as it gave way to what we are today, homo sapien sapien, experiencing the world with divine wisdom and knowledge through a playground of experience. If this story is indeed factual, what will the Christian, Judaic, and Muslim population's response be if they were to ever find out their god was an extra terrestrial?

  Enlil's brother, Enki was known also by many names. Ea in babylonian, Neptune to the Romans, Poseidon to the Greeks, and Lucifer or Samael to the Gnostic Templars and many other Occultists. He was and is still known as the 'wise serpent.' It is said that he founded the Brotherhood of the Snake in order to pass down the truth orally through the generations. According to Gardner's interpretations, the deluge we've come to know as 'Noah's Flood' happened at the end of an age, just before the birthing of adam and eve. It is said, that after the flood, Enki, who was a scientist, took a stored, frozen egg of a Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, fertilized it, and gave it a surrogate mother. This anunnaki/e.t. woman is known as Nin-Khursag, or Isis. Through this process and form of genetic influence, the 'adam' and 'eve' we know as a people, came to be, and this was the introduction of the first Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

   The old testament says that adam (Adappa) and eve (Chuwah) had three children [Cain (Qa'yin), Abel (Avel), and Seth (Set), but the non-fictional story that is documented in the Tablets of Destiny, says that Enki was eve's husband before adam, and to him she bore Qa'yin, through the surrogate process.

44 Now the production of the instructor came about as follows. When Sophia let fall a droplet of light, it flowed onto the water, and immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. That droplet she molded first as a female body. Afterwards, using the body she molded it in the likeness of the mother, which had appeared. And he finished it in twelve months. An androgynous human being was produced, whom the Greeks call Hermaphrodites; and whose mother the Hebrews call Eve of Life ( Zoe ), namely, the female instructor of life. Her offspring is the creature that is lord. Afterwards, the authorities called it " Beast ", so that it might lead astray their modelled creatures. The interpretation of " the beast " is " the instructor ". For it was found to be the wisest of all beings.

Qa-yin married Luluwa, who was the daughter of Enlil with his wife Lilith. It is said that this is the great and secret dragon line, not ones of earthly kings- but of legends who have always spoken beyond the physical, Enoch and Christ are said to have been from this line. The Nag Hammadi states that Sophia (wisdom) bore Yaldabaoth (ignorance), and in his ignorance he proclaimed himself god, but Christ was the tree of knowledge, life personified, who reminded man of his divinity and his origins.

The effect of this tree is described in the Sacred Book, to wit: " It is you who are the tree of knowledge, which is in Paradise, from which the first man ate and which opened his mind; and he loved his female counterpart and condemned the other, alien likenesses and loathed them. "

73 Now the Word that is superior to all beings was sent for this purpose alone: that he might proclaim the unknown. He said, " There is nothing hidden that is not apparent, and what has not been recognized will be recognized. "
from the Origin of the World, Nag Hammadi Codex