Monday, December 13, 2010

PART II: Disclosure, WikiLeaks, and Our Collective Recognition

 I know a lot of you have been asking me about when my work on the Pleiadian Agenda will be published but unfortunately, I am unable to share any of that information at this time. On that note, however, I do feel that it's very important to touch base and express my own personal hypothesis concerning the whole WikiLeaks issue, and how it is entirely influenced by the naturally occurring Disclosure process.

If you haven't already read David Wilcox' recent work on 'China's October Surprise' PART 123,  I recommend everyone who is interested in current global-spiritual events to do so as it helps give some frame of reference on the whole scope of things, including this article. I also highly recommend watching the entire Season 1 of The EvEnt, because I believe it's pretty accurate at describing 'behind the scenes', almost real time events regarding disclosure as if this was information just released by a wiki cable leak.

Synopsis of 'The EvEnt' (May contains spoilers!)
Since The Event aired, the viewer has been able to sees the extra-terrestrial influence in government, and no, it's not just a show. One of the great things about it is how the show depicts two groups of influential human et's (or EBE's, as they're called; ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entities). One group has been working within and outside of government to prepare for disclosure since the 40s. Their purpose is to return to the source in which they came. Another EBE group has accumulated power and wealth and uses it to manipulate government and media in order to keep knowledge of EBE's and Universal existence undisclosed to the evolving masses. The ironic part of it all, is that the more they force secrecy, the more transparency there is.

Assange stated publicly that he was going to be releasing UFO cables, but was stopped short of it when he was arrested and detained without bail. Many extreme Republicans have been calling for his execution, calling him 'unpatriotic,' and 'unamerican,' and a great 'threat' to national and international security for releasing documents exposing governments involvement with acts against humanity. The fugitive remained in hiding for some time in Sweden, in which I'm sure he made multiple back up files of all unpublished cables if his intentions are truly sincere. Assange had released an estimated 90,000 of the +200,000 top secret cables that disclosed corruption in government and government institutions on the Wikileaks wesbite. Not all cables are factual. Like, the system was open to any whistleblower or intelligence for that matter that wanted to perhaps accuse specific governments or concoct fraudulent cables to further validate their already preposterous claims. Some of these were stories already told by Mainstream Media and were paid once again to pick them up. But what about the ones not being picked up by the news, or even published by Assange for that matter?

   If there were over 200,000 documents posted by whistleblowers and over half of them weren't released by Assange, what happened to them? One website describes Israeli Intelligence/Government making a paid deal with Assange early this year to remove and destroy any and all cables exposing their corruption. Although, there are no credible sources of this claim, one should really use their observation & common sense skills to rethink, or at least question this claim. Personally, I haven't seen any cables exposing the atrocities they've committed (especially in Gaza), but I also haven't read anything 'nice' about them either which is another claim made by the website, RedIceCreations.
   So one really has to ask- Is Assange just another corrupt news source accepting a bribe and allowing the release of forged cables, or did he accept the bribe in guidance, counseled that someone will notice how there is absolutely no public cables accusing Israel of ANYTHING. I am not saying Assange is innocent nor guilty, but only questioning the motive behind his actions. I believe it is a risky but wise flag to wave because it shows people where the foolish muscle is truly coming from. Within these unpublished cables, I am almost certain many include intelligence reports documenting ET influence in Nazi Germany and American funding of the 3rd Reich as a pretense to justify and create the illegal state of Israel; the base.

    These hidden secret files may also explain why Sweden suffered a terrorist attack on 12.11.2010 in which the terrorists tried to declare their presence. The Yahoo news article has completely changed since this morning and is now proclaiming the terrorist was a radicalized Muslim. Oh, how convenient and easy it is for government sponsored terrorism to claim they're Islamic because they know the world would believe it. However, common sense says this is a show of muscle by intelligent agencies, Mossad/CIA/MI6 in response to the missing and hidden unpublished cables. Things could start getting worse there if people don't start putting 2 + 2 together. Like the U.S.'s occupation of Afghanistan in trying to find 'Osama Bin Laden' in a cave, or U.S.'s occupation of Iraq in trying to find WMD's in caves, let's just hope the U.S. will not occupy Sweden in the name of "saving" the world from terrorism, when what they would be looking for are cables hidden in caves that they're considering the biggest threat yet- knowledge and information that can change the most of the world's view of government, religion, and authority in general by providing full transparency and disclosure.

 Another website I recently found (again, with no sources), states that a leaked scientific cable claims that the world's biggest international navy fleet has been dispatched to the Somalian peninsula. The cover story is that they're there to fight against 'Somalian piracy,' but this cable supposedly states that scientists have discovered a vortex there that defies all the laws of nature. Perhaps soon, at the rate in which Nature and our paradigm is changing, disclosure will happen all on its' own.  The energies of manipulative ignorance, no matter how much they fight awareness, are only helping to expose the truth in the big picture; We are ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entities, in many forms and many roles, with just one purpose. I'll be discussing this in my next blog.
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