Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Extra Terrestrial Contact, Media Hype, and Our Collective Recognition

     In the last couple months I've been able to gather enough information in order to draw some personal speculations based on the many speculations that have been circulating the internet since the beginning of September. Yes, what you are about to read are speculations on speculations. There is absolutely no validity whatsoever, other than personal experience, research, and my personal collective recognition.

     I'm sure many of you by now have read the article by author and clairvoyant, David Wilcox, entitled Disclosure, "The Event" and China's "October Surprise". In it, he speaks of information attained by people in 'high places,' insiders and other bloggers who know the certain status of current events dealing with the financial system of the United States, as well as a certain plan 'carried out' by China and an upcoming 'event.'
Sounds like so much fun I can barely wait for Christmas.

     Wilcox discusses the new NBC show called "The EvEnt", in which he says is the newest media disclosure piece to ever hit airwaves. He also mentions that not all the extra terrestrials on this tv show are 'bad,' only a select few,' in which I might add, makes accurate sense considering extra terrestrial simply means it is found outside of our own terrestrial plane. It can mean anything from bacteria, vegetation, animal/ insect, a humanoid, a hybrid of various sorts, or something we can't even fathom. Like humans, some species are instinctually benevolent, some are instinctually malevolent. Some posses great technologies, others have limited technologies, or no technologies at all, for varying reasons. Case in point, there are so many different species in our infinite spectrum of life, that to say all are 'good' or all are 'bad' is just not logical.

    The article also makes big mention that China conducted some sort of publicly unknown, unscathed, "move" which, according to Wilcox, will more than likely not be announced, or at least not for a while. This 'move' whatever it may be, is one that is supposedly shaking the "old world order into chaos." Now, I find it important to take a moment and share some insight from what I've personally gathered on the world's orders for the sake of clarity and understanding towards current events. In short, what is the old world order? It is a mindset created by varying politics, religions, and bureaucracies that enforce a dominant idea, which in this case is lack and limitation. Take our money system for example. Money, whether backed by trees or gold should not make an iota of difference, however, the value system set in place defines it as a means of exchange. It is that value system that creates the illusion of worth or lack of, division, greed, power, selfishness, etc. Something that I have learned in my life's experiences is that the Universe is abundant in all things. Limitation exists only as restrictions. Whether it is resources, food, wealth, or even knowledge- he who writes the law, creates the restrictions; creates the imbalance we so easily subject ourselves to. Our egos, of course, are okay with this reasoning because it wants, needs, and loves to compete as a sense of accomplishment. But the Cake is a Lie.

    As time filters through and more people start recognizing their potential, the clearer it will be that we have the capabilities to all be equally healthy, equally rich, equally educated, and equally cared for. The new coming age is one in which people understand their co-creativity rather than deny it. Some occultists in the past such as Alice Bailey have called this new age a new world order, because for certain, it is new and it is global. Of course, she didn't invent the statement and it didn't help when it was misused 100 years later by the right-wing extreme 'christian conservative', President Bush Senior, when he decided to confuse the masses by mentioning something they only had known about subconsciously. Since the 70s, the authorities have used the New World Order catch-phrase to warn their main target audience, Christians, that the end was near. I remember because I was only a few years old when I first heard of this completely misguided information. Through the promotion of the Book of Revelations, Christians all over the United States and in Europe have purchased the idea that the New World Order means a totalitarian government. This information is incorrect. A New World Order in thesis, is a global world government that represents the One Human Race rather than division upon division based on ethnicity, classes, and social dogmas. However, these fear tactics and word association dealing with the NWO were strategically set in place decades ago so that when that information later surface (such as today), people would already have been trained to think it means the opposite of beneficent.

 Watch this Trailer for 'A Thief in the Night,' released in 1972 propogating fear of alien life, Christianity, and a NWO government in which you cannot buy or sell without a microship implant/666 Tattoo.

Let's keep reading...

    The events unfolding and how they're unfolding are partially due to the fact that so many humans are still unconvinced that life exists beyond planet Earth. Others are reevaluating and drawing more logical conclusions, and yet many, simply can't wait for our ancestors return. It's possible that because of heavy duty programming, some of us humans will not be very welcoming.

    Based on the information circulating the web in the last 3 years, a lot of people have been persuaded of a leaked 'Project Blue Beam,' a government sponsored, CIA backed, operation. My opinion? The operation is the response to the preempted 'knowledge' of coming events. A study and training program of sorts in which a disinformation campaign is targeted and therefor distributed by certain individuals, in order to discredit the upcoming events as a 'fake alien invasion.' Many, therefore, believe it will be completely staged, and those who don't believe it will be a nasty space attack. Truthfully in my opinion, Project Bluebeam has little to nothing to do with an invasion, but everything to do with the the power of suggestion. 

A couple things particularly stood out in the Bluebeam article which I would like to somehow challenge. According to Serg Monast, who originally wrote the piece in 1994,

"Then the projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one after correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations will have been disclosed." 

He goes on to make some pretty far-fetched claims that result in the creation of a one world "NWO" religion and the culprit merger who is the Antichrist, which has taken on the voice and image of the world's most beloved deities. I for one, think this is a brilliant idea and would probably be in the front of the line bathing in kool-aid with my hippie new age friends, but on the other hand, I also happen to believe that these Christ avatars are beyond human form and the images given to them throughout history do not define them nor should they limit them in anyway. I also find it too suspicious that the tv show 'V' has a similar 'messiah' portrayal in order to enslave masses. The report also claims that many 'new' ancient archeological finds that will be discovered will disprove religion. And yes, they are preaching that this is a bad thing. So what does any of this have to do with a 'fake alien invasion'? For one, the release of this information on Youtube some years ago has suddenly got everyone talking about it due to the increasing number of UFO sightings and videos uploaded in the last 2 years, but especially in the last few weeks. Whether holographic or real, something appearing in our skies is bound to create some sort of chaos or at least confusion, which is why I believe it's important to remain discerning and open to possibilities.

    Personally, I dont think contact will be faked, simply because this  overdue 'event' has been written about millennia ago by various ancient cultures around the world who wanted us to remember our roots and origins for this very moment in history. The reason why mainstream media has had a sudden interest in 'foreign' affairs is because the knowledge that 'we are not alone' is now inevitable and will soon be undeniable. Many conspiracy sites and speakers who have made their disapproval towards President Obama abundantly clear are also those who fear losing their rights to possess fire arms. Perhaps this gun control proposition is for a reason? Perhaps shows like 'V' are meant to scare the masses into having hostile reactions if and when our ancestors do make contact? Suppose gun control is merely a myth, a form of reverse psychology so that those who fear the next step in evolution can stock up and remain viciously territorial like wild dogs whose bones are being taken away. 

 Certainly, one of the things most anticipated by the Judeo-Christian West is the coming of a 'New Jerusalem.' Ah yes, the one where the streets and shiny buildings are made of gold. Ask any christian and he/she will tell you this is Heaven, where only the "chosen" go. Well, if you've seen Predators, I highly doubt you want to be among the chosen. Fact: there are much more valuable things than gold. To conjure up the idea that heaven on earth has arrived because a city coming from the sky is built on the very substance that so many human beings have lost their lives for, slaved for, cheated for, stole for, massacred for, robbed for, etc brings much suspicion to me with valid reason. For one, Christianity is much more than a religion, it is a stronghold that discourages individualistic opinions and healthy questioning. Christians are taught to obey authority rather than question it, yet wasn't Jesus' the one who pointed out the Pharisees' hypocrisies and foolishness? Many Christians in their churches are being told that the New Jerusalem is awaiting them. The last time Jews were transported to a place that would bring betterment to the community as a whole, did not end very well. I somehow draw the conclusions that the 'city in the sky' will end up being the very thing so many Christians expect. Could the new Jerusalem be a totalitarian government in disguise?

I feel it's important to realize that gold is the substance that many scholars, archeologists, and anthropologists who've studied ancient artifacts left by our ancestors, agree is the motive behind slavery, 100, 500, and 6000+ years ago. Can this be the reason why Fort Knox is empty? Is this the reason why our dollar is inflated and many countries refuse to exchange for it? Can this be a self-fabricated plot twist meant to continue the karmic cycle of experience for those whose consciousness will remain on a 3rd dimensional plane of existence? I think there is a lot more going on here than we can possibly know of, but I do think that speculating speculations has proven to me, in the passed, to be a successful way to achieving answers for those frequently asked questions. In the mean time, follow your heart, your intuition, your meditation, and take only what resonates with you. I will be breaking down my thoughts on the "New World Order" very soon. please stay tuned. In the meantime, just watch your step and don't believe everything you hear. Question everything.

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