Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blood History and our Extra Terrestrial Origins

In late 2007, I was introduced to the Sumerian Enuma Elish, the story of creation which influenced the Torah and the later Old Testament Bible. All through history and shrouded in mystery, lies the undeniable fact that Earth was not only visited by extra terrestrials in the past, but assisted in our evolution as we are today.
I will summarize histories and accounts as documented in various ancient and modern day texts which reveal compelling information regarding our genetic make up and our true origins.

It is said, that millions of years ago, Earth was barren and violent. Many scientists agree that the first signs of life sprung upon Earth only after she was hit by a protoplanet [or large meteor(s)]. She was called Tiamat, according to the Ancient Sumerians. She was the creative watery forces that gave birth to all aquatic life and some. It was during this time that a part of Earth became our moon and the other part, our asteroid belt as it is explained in their epic story of creation. Millions of years of physical evolution introduced new and varying species, as 'survival of the fittest' was merely not about strength or power, but about how adaptable to change one can be... Let's fast forward a few million years to the time we come into being...

If we consider the words of the old testament that we came from both the dust of earth and the breath of life, then we can understand to an extent that our DNA is composed of both organic, Earth-bound structures and exo-genetic material. Consider that prior to DNA, living things ran off a different blueprint program, RNA, which has only one helix. DNA contains a double helix which may very well represent panspermia, the idea that life exists and is distributed throughout the Universe as a 'seed' by various means, including violent meteor and asteroid collisions. This is where the principle thought of 'father sky' and 'mother earth' came into being. Alas, there is truth in this principle in which evolution and creationism coexist. This principle allows us to engage in a whole new thought form where we can better understand our origins on both a macro and microcosmic level, scientifically and spiritually.

 Gene-Isis: The Missing Link
   According to the Sumerian story of creation, as well as other texts such as Zecharia Sitchen's interpretations of the Sumerian Tablets, and Laurence Gardener's Grail series, an advanced race of extra terrestrials (known as the anunnaki, 'from heaven to earth') came and habitated areas of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Middle East. While many of our modern day texts are compiled on theories, it is a fact that Mesopotamia was indeed the cradle of civilization 6,000 years ago, but let's not forget, this isn't when it started, it is when it restarted. These and many other texts describe two extra terrestrial brothers, Enlil, who is known as Jehova in the old Testament (distinct from YHVH, an abstract and magickal sigil). Enlil is also known as Zeus in Greek, the glorious ruler whom proclaimed himself king and god of gods. It is said that he differentiated between man (as a mortal) and his brethren (the Elohim, as divine immortal beings), and therefore his motive was to keep evolving humans ignorant of their divinity, their potential, and their origins, which existed prior to existence. According to Sitchen and the Nag Hammadi's 'Secret Book of John', Enlil (or Yaldabaoth as he is known in the Nag Hammadi Gospels) has the motivation to keep humans in the dark in order to use them as slaves, which if we look at modern society today, one can see not much has changed. This is said to be the reason why man was forbidden to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. In the end, however, this purpose serves as a catalyst for free will, and though many have come to condemn the anunnaki for manipulating our thinking, we simply would not be here if it weren't for this perfect plan, as it gave way to what we are today, homo sapien sapien, experiencing the world with divine wisdom and knowledge through a playground of experience. If this story is indeed factual, what will the Christian, Judaic, and Muslim population's response be if they were to ever find out their god was an extra terrestrial?

  Enlil's brother, Enki was known also by many names. Ea in babylonian, Neptune to the Romans, Poseidon to the Greeks, and Lucifer or Samael to the Gnostic Templars and many other Occultists. He was and is still known as the 'wise serpent.' It is said that he founded the Brotherhood of the Snake in order to pass down the truth orally through the generations. According to Gardner's interpretations, the deluge we've come to know as 'Noah's Flood' happened at the end of an age, just before the birthing of adam and eve. It is said, that after the flood, Enki, who was a scientist, took a stored, frozen egg of a Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, fertilized it, and gave it a surrogate mother. This anunnaki/e.t. woman is known as Nin-Khursag, or Isis. Through this process and form of genetic influence, the 'adam' and 'eve' we know as a people, came to be, and this was the introduction of the first Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

   The old testament says that adam (Adappa) and eve (Chuwah) had three children [Cain (Qa'yin), Abel (Avel), and Seth (Set), but the non-fictional story that is documented in the Tablets of Destiny, says that Enki was eve's husband before adam, and to him she bore Qa'yin, through the surrogate process.

44 Now the production of the instructor came about as follows. When Sophia let fall a droplet of light, it flowed onto the water, and immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. That droplet she molded first as a female body. Afterwards, using the body she molded it in the likeness of the mother, which had appeared. And he finished it in twelve months. An androgynous human being was produced, whom the Greeks call Hermaphrodites; and whose mother the Hebrews call Eve of Life ( Zoe ), namely, the female instructor of life. Her offspring is the creature that is lord. Afterwards, the authorities called it " Beast ", so that it might lead astray their modelled creatures. The interpretation of " the beast " is " the instructor ". For it was found to be the wisest of all beings.

Qa-yin married Luluwa, who was the daughter of Enlil with his wife Lilith. It is said that this is the great and secret dragon line, not ones of earthly kings- but of legends who have always spoken beyond the physical, Enoch and Christ are said to have been from this line. The Nag Hammadi states that Sophia (wisdom) bore Yaldabaoth (ignorance), and in his ignorance he proclaimed himself god, but Christ was the tree of knowledge, life personified, who reminded man of his divinity and his origins.

The effect of this tree is described in the Sacred Book, to wit: " It is you who are the tree of knowledge, which is in Paradise, from which the first man ate and which opened his mind; and he loved his female counterpart and condemned the other, alien likenesses and loathed them. "

73 Now the Word that is superior to all beings was sent for this purpose alone: that he might proclaim the unknown. He said, " There is nothing hidden that is not apparent, and what has not been recognized will be recognized. "
from the Origin of the World, Nag Hammadi Codex

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is this the Dawning of the Age of Ophiuchus?

The 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, represents the 'Serpent Bearer.' The serpent in various mythologies, cultures, legends, and historical medicine represents healing and wisdom. Once again, we are becoming aware of its' presence in our skies and in our hearts. It is the healing and joining of the Shakti and Shiva Kundalini energies as One as well as the signature marker of our long history and divine potential.

In the age of Draco, it is said that we were unconscious without Spirit. 
From the Nag Hammadi Codex,

"On the fortieth day Sophia Zoe blew her breath into Adam, in whom there was no soul."

 This was the day of our conscious conception as homo-sapien sapiens. Since this time, we have experienced, grown, and learned the adept nature of being human as we always have in aeons prior. Now we reach the end of the cycle. The Precession of the Equinox decides our fate. And while many believe that we are solely entering the age Aquarius, I believe we are also at the brink of something more than grand that is entering our wavelength that will come like a blink of an eye. It is the Dawn of the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, and it is he who holds all finite knowledge, beyond the Alpha and the Omega. We gently make the transition out of the 12th sign of Pisces, the age of the Saviour, into something new. Both Ophiuchus and Aquarius exist simultaneously.The difference, however, is that Aquarius marks the start of a new cycle of time. Ophiuchus, on the other hand, marks that which is beyond it.

"The serpent was seen as a healing agent because it represented prudence,rejuvenation,wisdom,and rebirth. This is the healing side of the ancient goddess,for just as she had the ability to create life,she also had the wisdom and knowledge of how it could be healed, as well as the knowledge of how it can be destroyed. Asclepius was said to have the blood of Medusa in his veins. The blood that flowed on Medusa's left side created fatal poison,while the blood that flowed on the right was beneficial. "

Yes, undoubtedly, we have once again reached the end of the 12th zodiacal age, one full cycle around time. The cycle of time forever turns, and the new age in the material will be Aquarius, the water bearer. However, the 'hidden' sign of Ophiuchus represents perhaps a different path. One that many disregard as a mere constellation, rather than the attainment of divine wisdom and knowledge of the ages.

"The first Adam was given Life. The last Adam is life-giving"
(Stemming from Draco)            (Journeying into Ophiuchus as Master Creators)

A complete cycle lasts around 25,868 years. At the end of each cycle, there is complete synchronization between each sign and each constellation. It is no coincidence that Ophiuchus's heart lies between Sagittarius and  Scorpio and is known as the Dark Rift. Can this be the Heart Center we so frequently long? Choranzon, the dark abyss of what we consider 'nothingness'? Daath, the 'hidden' path beyond this UniVerse? If the 2012 Galactic Alignment theory is correct, then I believe we've just located the loophole beyond the Maya.

Why are people then giving so much hype to the age of Aquarius? The Age of Aquarius, like the Age of Ophiuchus, is dawning before our eyes.
Mayan prophesy states that in 2012, there will be a dividing 'fork'. Often, it is seen within the New Age movement as a division between those who are 'spiritual' and those who are not. What if this were not so far from the truth? Perhaps Aquarius is an amazing age filled with all the beauties that the song sang by the 5th Dimension makes light of; a continuation, nonetheless, of the ego existence in the 5th dimension as a reincarnation and continuation of life and the cycle of time and ages. But, perhaps what lies within Ophiuchus is beyond dimensions, beyond time and space, and beyond the ego's existence in which lies the source that gives way to future ages. A marker for those who bear the light and remember their way back home.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


We live our lives with underlying goals which at all times seem to keep us busy, so much that we rarely have the awareness to observe the immediate world around us, much less, interpret strategically placed symbols in our society. Since the great wake of 2007 or so, many have become aware of these symbols, but because of the mass paranoia that has spread since, these symbols remain uninterpreted, rejected, and even feared. The main reason for the fear is that DNA lay dormant within many, and these symbols seem foreign. Many have suggested and encourage the idea that these symbols are meant to mind control, and many have supported this misunderstanding with backup videos and unfiltered beliefs about 'Big Brother.'

I've come to discover something different, quite grand, and enveloped in pronoia. Pronoia is the understanding that all is perfect, all is meant to be, and the world, rather than out to get you as with paranoia, is instead, out to bless you and assist you towards spiritual evolution. Pronoia, like paranoia, is a perspective. So why is pronoia so important? It is the first step to recognizing your divinity within the universe. It is an awareness that signifies your place and contribution to creation. Therefore, understanding this gives the individual a sense of will, understanding, and clarity, never thought possible.

   Our DNA possesses memory and all knowledge regarding the creation of the universe, as well as being able to communicate effectively with the Source. It lay dormant in many of us, while others are 'jump starting it' causing minor technical problems due to the absence of pronoia. And yet, in some others who have established the fundamental 'knowing' of our infinite nature are able to cognitively interact and communicate with these symbols as the most ancient language in the universe, sacred geometry, the language of creation and consciousness. It is, therefore, unnecessary to fear these symbols. Rather, take the time to become familiar with them. The more you do, the more your memory DNA reactivates, allowing the re-learning process of this language to begin. When you see these symbols, understand that it was you who put them there in order for you to experience this very process in time.
The builders of matter, of experience, and the movers of evolution fashion the system as a playground of experience. The physical aspect of our existence is triggered by ego which systematically rejects spirituality because it would then constitute the acknowledgment of its' ethereal twin which the ego rejects in order to dominate the psyche. As we can see in the following verse,

'The stone that was rejected by you builders, which has become the cornerstone.'
                                                                                                                  Acts 4:11

Notice that the pyramids of Giza, or the one on the dollar bill does not have an attached capstone. This is because the capstone is the spiritual essence of man. The capping of the pyramid has been attempted different times by the Masons, particularly on Y2K, which was stopped in various ways. How and why were the masons stopped? The capping is the most powerful and significant moment in man's history and it will be done only when the remnant have fully activated their DNA for the coming alignment. The capstone (or cornerstone) is ethereal, and its' presence on the dollar bill signifies that the masons (builders) were well aware of the coming new age of spiritual wisdom by strategically placing it on the dollar bill for everyone to see, along with the latin phrase 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' or New Order of the Ages, or 'new coming cycle.' I will speak more in depth about the New World Order in an upcoming blog, but for now, it is important to understand why the phrase and the symbols are extremely significant to our consciousness. These represent the awakening of man, spiritually. Every time we exchange with the dollar bill, it is meant to remind us of our inherent abundance which eventually we will embrace as we come to understand that money is a physical form of limitation and lack; parts of the old world thought that we are currently moving out of.

   It is for this very reason that the banks, media, networks of all sorts declare triangles, pyramids, suns, cosmic rays, the 3rd eye, etc. It is a direct communication with our subconsciousness, assisting in the gradual awakening of our divine DNA. The masses are blind, for they cannot see that jobs, banks, markets hold the purpose of distraction. The symbols are used to attract you like a magnet, yet many do not read what the ancient symbols have to say. Instead, you fall for what your senses tell you is true. The society we live in is a labyrinth with clues everywhere that guide us back to involution. We left those clues ourselves, as we are multidimensional and superconsciously aware of the grandiose nature of this game called life.

The Language of Symbols:

Symbolizes the 3rd eye, scientifically known as the Pineal Gland, which serves as an entry way of light (knowledge, wisdom, and reason) into our consciousness.

Eye within detached cornerstone above the pyramid, symbolic for the current state of man, ignorant of his divinity; signifying the coming age of enlightenment.

"Jesus looked directly at them and asked, "Then what is the meaning of that which is written: "'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone'?" Luke 20"17

Eye in the center of a capped pyramid signifies the Oneness and harmony between spirit and ego.


Constitutes a powerful energy source and represents ancient wisdom

Complete balance and perfection.
Representative of Fire and Water united; or Air and Earth united.

Heaven and Earth united.

Male and Female united.

 New creation, Christ consciousness/wisdom.

Soul, Spirit, Chariot.

A three dimensional representation of the unions, allowing for the ethereal manifestation of a light body.

Represents the eternal nature of time. Time as circular, rather than linear.
Continuity of Nature and life.

Continual manifestation of physical matter and life. The singularity where all things flourish and all things return.


Representative of the five elements that constitute man-
fire, water, air, earth, and spirit.