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   Let me begin with sharing my thoughts on the movie Inception. This is one of the most intelligent psychoanalytical movies I have seen since the Matrix and Existenz. The concept was based on the philosophical work of Carl Jung's areas of the human psyche. The movie is based on awareness of consciousness and beyond.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. If you have not seen the movie yet, please scroll down to the bottom.

A lot of people who have seen the movie have mixed feelings on whether or not Leo 'woke up' at the end.
I will tell you how both are true.

   If you remember clearly, one of the ways Leo's character, Cobbs, knows whether or not he's dreaming is by taking note on how he got there. He tells his apprentice that if you can't retrace your footsteps, more than likely you are still dreaming. 'How did I get here?' is a very important theme we will be expanding on later in this article, but for now let's simply keep that in mind. 

   One of the most important things to question is if his wife, while in his dream states, was telling the truth which he was unable to face. Can it possibly be that Cobbs and his wife spent so much time in these parallel realities, called dreams, that he became undeniably addicted to being in such a lucid state? Like a drug addict who is unable to face the reality of his addiction, Cobbs is unable to wake up and is therefore in "limbo." He has gone so far deep, for so many years, layers upon layers, that he cannot find the reality in which his consciousness sleeps. Please follow closely.

  Cobbs and his wife became expert lucid dreamers to the point that they could die together in one dream and find each other in the next. However, that wasn't the case in one particular dream. The night of their anniversary, Cobbs describes himself as being in a wakeful state. But what if they were both asleep and him, having lost his sense of 'reality,' believed that dream to be reality and so he lived according to the events in this particular reality. Perhaps that is the reason why she would always say in his dreams to 'come back to reality, to her and their children.' 

   As we know from personal experience, auditory perception always plays a role in our dreams. Is it possible he could have continuously heard her saying such things while in his sleep? Regardless if he physically heard it or not, it was a projection he kept manifesting in his sleep due to guilt he was unable to face, which we will understand in just a bit. We also know from experience, as well as learning about it in the movie, that we wake up from our dreams just before we die. As his wife sat on the ledge, she hoped to 'wake up' from that dream by doing just that, an idea he took responsibility for. Her waking up and him staying in a dream is what caused the separation of worlds and ultimately the regret he was unable to face. In his state of mind, she died. Not only did she die but she became an antagonist in his future dreams, a subconscious manifestation caused by his ego structure's inability to break down.

   At the end of the movie, after confronting his projected image of his wife and destroying the fabricated world he had built for so long, he chooses to move on in a separate direction that involves neither his guilt, nor his regret.
His extractor (his young apprentice) kills her off for him. This is a compromise that allows him to create an entirely new reality, one that does not involve a shadow of his wife who has also moved on.

When the Inception project is complete, the crew finds themselves back in the airplane waking up from layers and layers of dreams within dreams. Victory is in the air. He walks through the airport and arrives home. This sequence of events is a clear sign that he is not 'dreaming,' so to speak. When he arrives he finally sees his childrens faces which psychologically accounts for him breaking a karmic cycle. The reason why he was unable to see his childrens faces before was because he was unable to deal with the guilt he had by choosing to live in parallel realities that did not include them. Finally, he realized that all he had to do was choose to, which was a great feat. It marks the end of a cycle. However, we see in the last few seconds of the film that the dradle never fell, making a point that all life is a dream, and our dreams are dreams within dreams; all extending from the superconscious. Cobbs may have awoken from all dreams but stayed dreaming in that particular parallel reality, this life; one that many have yet to realize is yet another dream.

   Cobbs, as a lucid dreamer, that is, one who is aware that he is dreaming within the dream, had the role of an extractor. He would move into the consciousness of others and extract information from the highly secured subconscious in order to psychologically help them make different choices in this Now reality, or 'waking life'. The irony is that the lucidity ended once his extractor (his female apprentice) helped him confront his shadow, in effect creating only a sense of liberation. Once he achieved a comfortable state within his psyche, being at home with his children, he entered a new phase of limbo, one with the effects of 'real time,' we call life. 


If there is a dream, there is also a dreamer. We are the dreamer and the dream, simultaneously and we can never forget this, for if we do, we begin to see time as linear and fall into the depths of limbo, ourselves.
The only difference between dreams and life is that life takes place on a much slower vibrational impulse, and because we wake up in our beds the next morning, our bodies where we left them, we are forced to believe the waking state as 'reality' and 'all there is'. But this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Inception is very similar to extraction in the sense that they both deal with
sensitive information and our subconscious. Inception is known to many lucid dreamers and astral travelers. It is the awareness upon waking of a new idea that we were not consciously aware of before. I have personally practiced lucid dreaming for many years and have gained a lot of insight by consciously tapping into an unlimited source of information while in my sleep within the last 2 years. All things we dream of are subconscious projections which I believe take place in parallel realities. That means, this information did not come from no where, nor did it come from physical implanting, but it was already stored deep within this superconscious source found beyond the subconscious.

Extraction is the bringing to light of certain information (often about ourselves) that we choose to hide within our subconscious. The subconscious creates a great void between the ego structure and the super conscious if one is unable to face certain fears, perceptions, traumas, etc willingly. This is why it is called extraction, we bring to light which many of us have chosen to forget, including the reality of our reality. We each have our own extractors in our waking lives, many to which we sometimes demonize because it is much easier to do so than to confront truth. But it is important to remember, if you are being asked to look at yourself, it is only because you are asking yourself. All is projection.

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7.7.10- The Vision, The Message, The Meditation:: Reawaken The Sacred Sound Within::

   It began with the experience of multidimensionality. I saw myself as a living, breathing cell, aware of the magnitude of life. This brought forth great vision.

The vision.
The meeting of polar opposite forces is taking place on both the micro and macro cosmic levels. The Hindi tradition refers to them as the personified Shiva and Shakti energies. This alchemical marriage occurs when Kundalini rises and engages in the release of Sacred Fire, the process of new creation. I saw them dancing for the first time since the beginning of time. I see the cosmos as bodies engaging in intercourse. There is a huge emphasis on sperm and eggs. Like the sperm; about to be shot out of a body into a vicinity of something new, leaving behind all that he thinks he knows to find his purpose instinctively. Or like a baby who lives comfortably in the mothers' womb for 9 months, chasing the light that pierces through the vaginal dilation at the end of the gestational cycle. This is the portal. The ancient cosmic light. In both cases, consciousness is in one form birthing itself into another form. This space-time portal will soon be opened once again in our skies whilst in the midst of a great Cosmic Orgasm.We are the sperm, the fertilized egg, the baby in the womb, and the parents simultaneously. We are birthing ourselves into a new reality. A new creation is at hand.

Symbolism everywhere.
I see the bomb that washed ashore on the vacant Alabama beach. I am not sure what this means exactly, but my interpretation is that it is symbolic of an unfertilized egg that washed up from the dark abyss (Deep Horizon). Two days after receiving the vision, we hear of a UFO flying above China that curiously looks like a sperm with its very long tale.
This is what I call synchronicity of the greatest kind. Whether symbolic or literal, the emphasis on creation is

The message.
I begin to see rapid Earth changes that effect us on all levels, spiritually. mentally, and physically. The following meditation and guidelines will assist us through all these coming changes and help us survive them using the power of love, harmonics, and sacred geometry. The Great Year that will soon be taking place is the year of metamorphosis; the moment of spontaneous evolution; The Paradigm Shift. Everyone is a witness, but the awareness of what we are witnessing and experiencing makes all the difference.

Time as a Factor.
During this time, we are meant to practice and master the most ancient form of meditation that was reawakened within me and is also reawakening within you. Our DNA holds the blueprint of creation which is said to manifest through sound and frequency. We must be wise with our time. Within the next two years, we will discover jointly the amazing potential we, as humans, truly are. The moment of peak ecstasy will soon be among us and it is vital that we tune into this synchronized bliss at a precise moment to access the portal to the beyond. 11:11:11:11:11 is persistent throughout this entire vision. We will know intuitively when physical ascension takes place, but it is important that we master the Sacred Sound Now regardless of what the future may hold. Now is the time.

The following meditation is key to activating MER KA BAH for the coming transformation. Those aligned and centered on that great hour on that great day of that Great Year will be able to open a portal through space-time as presented to me by the powers of divinity.
Write down these words.


The purpose.
To be unmoved, as the buddha, in his state of perfection.
To become the vibrational bliss through the ecstasy we feel by resonating with nature's heartbeat.

All chakras must be activated and aligned. The emphasis is on the Heart beat. 
The heart beat must be resonating at the Solfeggio Frequency of 528 Hz as it holds the fractal key. This frequency is known as the "Miracle DNA Transformation" and "Unconditional Love and Healing Frequency."
If you are unsure of this frequency sound, please Google or Youtube 'Solfeggio Frequency 528 hz.'
Through mass resonation of the vocalization of the heartbeat, time will become no-time. 
Please watch 'The Principle Secret of Immortality' by Dan Winters for more information on the role of sound and fractality in our evolution.

The Sacred Sound.
The vocalization of the heartbeat is easiest performed in the sate of relaxed euphoria. Therefore, it is important to be able to feel ecstasy, bliss, or joy at will. Let the beauty of nature be your guide. For in feeling the love of all nature, the power to create new life becomes manifest. In ecstasy, feel your heartbeat and allow it to cross the bridge into the throat chakra, releasing its' essence with the power of breath. Deep, rhythmic breathing from the diaphragm allows the heartbeat to make its' presence within the vocals. You should be able to hear it coming out of your mouth.

Magickal Sigil.
IAO (iota alpha omega) or Isis, Apophis, Osiris in Thelema (Life, Death, Resurrection). IAO is the Greek parallel to YHVH, the Tetragammatron.
VIAOV contains the letter 'Vau' both at the beginning and end, which is said to create the passage of initiation into the Age of Horus by creating the sum of 93 in gematria. 93 is Agape, or unconditional love.
AUM (Creation, Preservation, Destruction).

All these magickal sigils represent the continued manifestation of existence. The difference between IAO and AUM is not known, so I greatly suggest doing your own research on the significance of the order of time,if any.

Uttering the monosyllable AUM, the eternal world of Brahman, one who departs leaving the body, he attains the superior goal.
                                                                                                     Bhagavad Gita 8.13

   Regardless of the sigil one chooses, it is the feeling and vocalization of the heart beat as these letters are pronounced that creates the magic. In this meditation, one synchronizes their heartbeat with all others and the whole of nature, including the cosmos. In doing so, it creates a 'new' sound, but also a very ancient one. This is the sacred sound that allows the skies to open, creating a space-time portal as the physical body becomes light, together. The harmonization created is the Sacred Pulse. This is the task at hand; one that will be mastered by those who truly wish to experience creation in the making. This meditation produces a heightened sense of awareness and immense release of melatonin in the brain creating strong feelings of euphoria and ecstasy. Do not be alarmed, the results are intense. Imagine a percentage of the population in such a unified euphoric state. It is no wonder this sacred sound has been kept deep within our memory until the time it must release itself.

Sacred Geometry and the Space-Time Vortex.
The Earth has magnetic ley lines that create specific vortices in specific locations. These sacred sites also contain sacred monuments, built with precise geometric significance and with significant material. The shape of the pyramid is one of two parts that create the physical Mer Ka Bah. The pyramid shape not only maximizes energy but it also fuses it and amplifies the vibration of the life-force 'biocosmic energy.' The pyramid aids meditation and increases resonation of sound, vibration, and frequency. The Great pyramid at Giza was built with 'air shafts' that were created for the observation of a cosmic event that occurs every 26,000 years. Coincidence? It is said the the Great Pyramid is the portal to the stars and beyond.

   While I feel it is necessary to be present at this site, many will not find it necessary. Yes, our body is fashioned as a Pentagram, and in meditation position, we make a pyramid shape. Many will not feel it is necessary to travel, and I feel that each personal experience with Source is revered sacred and valid. Only the individual knows what he/she must do. 

   A helpful tool in resonating the Sacred Pulse are pyramid hats. Worn like capstones, they amplify the sound, frequency, and heart beat up through the Crown Chakra. I suggest it contain gold, silver, copper, or any other noble mineral or precious metal as it assists in the conductivity of electricity. It's good to note that the scientific symbol for Gold is AU, the first letters of the magickal sigil, AUM. The alchemists' purpose is to transform base metals into gold and then gold into philosophers stone, that is- lovers of wisdom; lovers of Sophia. 
For it is through wisdom and the Laws of Vibrational Energy that we achieve the Elixir of Longevity.

                                                                                    Feel the Vibration. Become the Vibration
                                                                                                                       Linda Victoria Ferrer

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BP's Bottomless Pit: Is this the Return of Apollyon?

Can it be? Did our Amphibian overlords just wash ashore in an egg on an Alabama Beach as predicted in John's Book of Revelations? Alright, maybe the idea is seemingly far fetched, but wow- what are the odds that a PRE-ORDAINED CATASTROPHE such as the BP OIL SPILL is the cause for shutting down all the Gulf Coast beaches? Perhaps this was planned by Cerberus, BP's financiers, who is said in Greek Mythology, to guard the gates of Hades...perhaps in anticipation of this event? Compare to the biblicals texts, and you can decide for yourself...

9:1  ..The key to the pit of the abyss was given to him.

9:2  He opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke from a burning furnace.The sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke from the pit.

9:3  Then out of the smoke came forth locusts on the earth, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. News

9:11  They have over them as king the angel of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is "Abaddon," but in Greek, he has the name "Apollyon."
          John's personal account,
Rev. 13:1  Then I stood on the sand of the sea. I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads. On his horns were ten crowns, and on his heads, blasphemous names.

We've all heard countless theories of this passage symbolically, however, what if we consider the literal meaning of it? Of course, everything regarding this article is but mere speculation and parallels...but what about Laurence Gardners thoughts regarding the return of the destroyer gods? Zecharia Sitchen who translated the Sumerian texts, and the Hopis all have similarities in their work and tradition, as well. These parallels, I find, are too many, but then again, it can just be an underwater bomb from WWII as the media is suggesting. However, the object we see washed among our US coastline, is in the shape of an egg, while mines are circular.

   I personally believe, that if Sumerian, Christian, and Hopi prophesy is correct,
we can expect unprecedented and very rapid changes to take place soon. I don't think it's too far fetch that it emerged from below the Earth's waters, or above her skies. Why would I? I grew up on Howard The Duck and Terminator 2. Anything, at this point of my existence, seems not only possible to me, but plausible. Regardless, this information is at least good for entertainment purposes, but is definitely not the reason for writing it. This will probably get some sort of attention, and I just want people to remember that
the all these events, regardless of perspective are meant to happen as we enter a new age, and a new cycle of time.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Psychological Nature of the I AM Principle and the Essence of the 5th Element

Understanding opposing perspectives is necessary for objectiveness, and experience is vital for knowledge. 

   I first discovered the meaning of I AM in 2007 while studying both the T'NCH and an old book I found at a garage sale, written in the early 90s that briefly mentioned the Sacred Names. The biblical verse that reads 'I AM that I AM,' gives rise to a new concept of the Kabbalistic interpretation of the aspects of god that, when shortened, becomes the Tetragrammaton, the 'four letters,' YHVH; the ineffable name of 'God.'

   'I AM that I AM,' esoterically, signifies that we are the creators of our own physical reality and must therefore take responsibility for all our actions. It is not limited to this realization as it means many different things in Kabbalastic circles. I have developed a personal philosophy, Singularity, through  psychological, scientific, and spiritual means for the better understanding of nature and all of its' creation
as a projection of our subconscious. That means, everything we see hear, feel, touch, and everyone and everything we interact with is all clearly mental, with different levels of awareness. I AM, in Singularity, represents the internal ego who uses the control of their thoughts and willpower to achieve specific goals.

    I began to research 'I AM' on the internet to see what I could find. At the time, the only sources that came up were the workings of Alice Bailey, as well as the 'I AM Activity' and Original Ascended Master Teachings by Guy Ballard and his wife Edna. At this time there was no other independent sources that published such a concept. It wasn't until about 2 months later, at the start of 2008 that the I AM Movement by the Ascended Master channelings began to surface the web like wildfire. Soon, many meditations were developed centering around the psychological 'I AM' principle that many still refer to as a separate entity.

        So I began to consciously call in things that I wanted, because after all, I 'loved myself,' therefore I 'deserved it.' I placed my self sacrificing approach to life on hold as I tried something new, selfishness; it had, however, a nice new age twist to it as to not sound so defamatory. This philosophy of our new-bound Aquarian Age of attracting what you want is tempting, especially since the motto is something like 'you're going to attract something, might as well get what you want,' right? But what I discovered in those few months of practicing is that the product of such thinking is highly camouflaged in double speak and is, undoubtedly, the rising in precedence of the ego, which is, psychologically speaking, the secret of The Secret.

   During the test drive, I found myself extremely confused; always a clear indicator that something is potentially off. I have found many of the centralized themes of this form of meditation to be successful, however, I have also come to find that this philosophy of attraction is based a lot more on pleasing, achieving, accumulating, and accomplishing worldly and ego-satisfying things rather than following the path of alchemical transformation and the reason is because the refashioned I AM philosophy adheres to Positive Psychology, which rejects all aspects we don't like about ourselves, others, and the world we live in. This thinking is unbalanced and psychologically dangerous. Since the Venusian attraction philosophy is based solely on the things you do like and want, the marriage of mind and heart is no longer an option, since the light of the mind is meant to reveal much of the ugliness we tend to hide or refuse to take responsibility for. Now, through this thinking, many of us are being taught to reject the negative in its' entirety. So where is the progress? The ego will be the last thing to accept opposition because every challenge we face is for the purpose of growth and perspective. While the terminology used is always positive, the outcome of such unbalanced thinking may not always be so. One sided thinking is extreme therefore, the result will also be extreme. Results occur on their own timing.

   Humanity is dual in nature. One cannot get away from this, no matter how much Love & Light one says they are. It is vital to acknowledge that each one of us is partially responsible for the poverty, the wars, the deceit, the ignorance, the inhumanity because in truth, all is part of a greater Whole. I have found that the majority in the movement have been told to acknowledge this, and then move on as if it doesn't what then? use your new found power to make 15,000 friends on facebook? or charge $500 per person so people can hear your truth? no...that is not progress, my friends. Rather than realizing we are continual thought-producing egos, the majority of individuals in the strictly positive movement are convinced that because they now think positively, their egos must have subsided, but this cannot be true, because to exist means to have ego. This denial or deceit by the ego itself, creates the 'I AM' illusion, used to justify the suppression of all and everything that we dislike about ourselves, the world, and each other in order to gain, personally; like Eros love. Unlike the esoteric I AM which creates altruistically, as in Agape (93). The use of putting positive willpower to achieve is temporarily helpful to some, but eventually the zombie locked in the basement will let itself out, because that is how nature works. Balance is KEY! This is why I say, it doesn't have to be a battle between polarities. To reject duality is to reject the very thing that makes us human. Rather than reject, we must embrace. This means every fear. We must use our time confronting our fears, not pretending they don't exist. See the other perspective coming from the same Source as your very own. This is the Alchemical Marriage. Buddha asks,

"All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?" 

   We are only aware of certain things. The thoughts we are unaware of, those suppressed and rejected thoughts and fears found buried deep within our subconscious is what Carl Jung calls the Shadow. The Shadow, being a part of mind, manifests just as conscious thinking does. All thoughts manifest on their own time, something very important to remember. These suppressed thoughts, regardless of our awareness, regardless of our training, will manifest. The only way to truly transform ones' mind, then, is not based on how much positive thinking we do and how much negative we reject, but by accepting that 'darker side' of ourselves as nature, our 'Other', as a purpose.

    Now that we understand that I AM (to an extent) is self-awareness, that is, ego becoming aware of itself, one can also understand the greatest paradox in all of this. It is at this point of awareness that ego is most powerful, being in such an elevated state of consciousness.

    I encourage the studying of worldwide mythologies to gain insight about nature and learn from different perspectives. Take for instance, the story of Icarus in ancient Greek mythology. Icarus, a mortal, sought to fly too high and was therefore humbled by death for not heeding the warnings of his father. The story reminds us that humility, is also a virtue. I observe that even a little bit of knowledge, may in fact be detrimental to the unbalanced human being, because as we observe from history, knowledge is power, and power, we find, is often selfish.

   The god of the Old Testament Bible was clear when it declared:

"I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me, there is no God."- Isaiah 45:5.
When this passage is looked at psychologically, one can easily acknowledge the ego declaring itself, not only as god, but convincing itself that what it sees, is all there is. It clearly demands the rejection of our subconscious...the shadow and the omnipotent, omnipresent Singularity point beyond time and space. This is why, it is essential that the spiritual person who becomes aware of his or her own potential continue to question all his own thoughts, all his actions, all ideals without fear. I have never been afraid to speak my truth, or ask my questions, regardless of what people may think about me. I couldn't agree more with Kurt Cobain when he said:

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

   It is at this stage in awareness, the Interior Ego, that the I AM principle exists within each one of us. Many feel right at home here, and choose to stay. The question is, will one use their positive thoughts and willpower to create what they want for themselves temporarily? Or will one utilize that willpower and choose to cross the void into the Unknown?

   I AM is part of a two part being, the other being nonexistence, also known as wu in Tao.When we hear the words 'nothingness,' and 'nonexistence,' our ego shivers at the thought of its' destruction because it sees death as an end and rejects itself as a recyclable energy eternal in one form or another. The ego must acknowledge that creation creates infinitely and eternally. In other words, there will always be an interpretation of the divine in some form or another within the means of time and space, but beyond these limitations is the divine itself, as a state of Non-Being. The single point that creates infinitely. I first coined the concept that YHVH may in fact represent the four physical elements: fire, water, earth, air; while the 'sons' name, YHSVH, formed by a Vesica Pisces [ () ] of two perfect circles, represents both the four physical elements and the 5th non-physical, aether, Shin in Hebrew, or as it is called in alchemy, Sacred Fire. If YHVH represents matter/ I AM conscious/ All that Is by experience through the 5 physical senses, then YHSVH represents the physical and the spiritual, All that Is and Is Not. The I AM and I AM NOT.

One can barely fathom the idea of non-being, due to fear of the unknown, but it is in this center, shown in the diagram above as [ () ], that is the zero-point of all creation AND destruction; where it all begins and where it all ends continuously. Because all matter exists in time and space, it is expressed through constant metamorphosis and transformation through these means.

The video below helps to clarify my interpretation:

Too often, we find ourselves without balance. Opposing facets of ourselves, nature, and our very own being.
But we must remember, the 4 elements cannot contest without the 5th element, which is an essential part of our being and experience here on Earth. We must remember that 'good' and 'bad' are but two perceptions of our true nature, the sum of all that is and all that is not.

Singularity Philosophy

   Singularity, as a philosophy, is a means of explaining creation based on specific rationales of Psychology, and Metaphysics. The Singularity philosophy is deeply influenced by Psychologist Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and  Physicist, Nassim Haramein; developed theoretically by Linda Victoria Ferrer.

   Singularity can best be described as 'one in the many and the many in the one.' It is the idea or focus that all physical matter, whether animate or inanimate constitutes one living vibrational source of collective energy that simultaneously projects individualized physical realities allowing life forms to see, hear, feel, taste and touch 'mirrored images' of ones' own subconscious as a reflection and interpretation of electrical impulses that stem from the Super Conscious, Singular Collective Mental Whole.

   In Layman's terms, everything a person experiences in their physical reality is a direct reflection of our subconscious thoughts and fears which in turn are connected beyond time and space forming a super conscious singularity that is not limited by any means.

Manifestation of thoughts occur on many different levels:
1) Shadow- Occasional manifestations created by the ego's rejection of shadow and singularity
2) Ego Exterior- Continual manifestations created by its' unawareness of thoughts and willpower

3) Ego Interior- Occasional manifestations created by the awareness of the majority of ones' own thoughts and will power   (*I AM principle)
4) Ego Interior based on Singularity- Continual manifestations based on the awareness of the majority of ones' own thoughts and will power but relies on intuition and fate for manifestations instead (see Synchronicity).
5) Singularity- Omnipotent and Omnipresent Collective that is responsible for all creation, manifestations, and destruction.

The ego exterior is always unaware, hence 'Exterior,' believing the five senses indicates all that there is.
The ego interior is occasionally aware, hence 'Interior;' being able to tap into the subconscious on occasion.
The Shadow is neither aware nor unaware, but rather a force extended by Singularity/ projected by our subconscious in order to confront our fears and grow from challenges.
Singularity is super aware and super systematic with no room for mistakes;  Interior and Exterior simultaneously. Interior awareness, as a finite Source of knowledge stored within our subconscious, and the Exterior matrix of reality interpreting its' own awareness.

   Synchronicity is the awareness of your manifested thoughts; often in the form of acknowledged precognitions, alignments, and synchronized events.

   Cosmically, Singularity is reflected as a Super Massive Black Hole at the center of each galaxy (see blog entry: Galactic Alignment). This is the Source of all creation and destruction of creation within itself. Creation occurs when energy is released, while destruction of matter occurs when it is absorbed. This phenomena occurs simultaneously, and ultimately unceasing. The destruction of matter indicates new creation, and vice versa. Creation is infinitely recycled into a time space continuum. In other words, creation will never cease to exists because the Source itself is beyond time and space.

   Infinity is the perspective of creation itself, and if all space is infinite, then it must also mean there is no space, simultaneously. That is beyond most comprehension because it is such a grand paradox.

∞ = 1 = 0 = ΓΈ = 0 = 1 =  ∞
   This notion represents that singularity is not only composed of micro and macro levels of creation (fractals upon fractals infinitely), but also as a polarized state of itself. The other state, Non-Being. Therefore, the view of Singularity is that our physical reality is a mental projection of a cosmic interpretation between the balance of Being and Non-Being. Being constitutes Non-Being and vice versa. What we see in this equation is that all things stem from one Center beyond time and space, 'nothingness.' This center, which we perceive as a black hole, expands and contracts; experiencing itself in infinite ways we call life.

©2010 LVF ©2010 Beautiful Victory Of One. All Rights Reserved.