Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Esoteric Perspective of the Sun, Moon, and You

An Esoteric Perspective of the Sun, Moon, and You
By Victoria Ferrer

What is the Sun?

From my own perspective and experience, I have come to understand that the Sun is a macro cosmic manifestation of our collective ego consciousness.

When the sun reacts violently, we feel its affects physically as individuals caught in global cataclysms.

As of March 9, 2011, we entered the final phase of the Mayan calendar.
What does this mean?
This simply means that time will speed up as you never felt before. The sun has always been awake, but not fully aware. Its recent activity is its response- our response to becoming aware, to our fullest potential.

What is our fullest potential?
For starters, it simply means to understand, accept, and rejoice in knowing that we are eternal beings and that no one ever truly experiences death. We are alive due to our egos, it is after all its' necessity to live and experience life that gives us this opportunity to do so. But in doing so, we forget who we are. We forget the laws of the universe, the meaning of fractals upon fractals, the ancient language of symbols, the beauty of duality as one, the infinity of our being and our nothingness all at the same time. We are the creator, the architects of this game called life that we design in order to lose ourselves in the moment. This is the greatest of all meditations. To feel, to hurt, to love, to lose, to join, to laugh, to die...These are all the reasons why we modeled this life. To experience our own creation. Our ego, the sun, is both the co-creator and the creation; the illusion of reality as an experience.

But what about destruction and truth?
The moon, being a satellite, is in part responsible for our emotions, psychological influences, intuition, and awareness. The moon is in touch with both the true nature of who you are and its' psychological underpinnings. the satellite brings in feed from other interactive planets, which I personally believe are the archetypes of our soul; a past sense of Self, and the gods of mythologies who represent different philosophical ideals in our own psyches. They are the gods in us concerning love and beauty (Venus), passion and warfare (Mars), laws and obedience (Saturn), justice and paternity (Jupiter), cognitive thinking (Uranus), abstract ideas, art, and guidance for many (Neptune), communication (Mercury), and how they interact with our egos (the sun) and our ability to receive (the moon). The moon, as I see it, is therefore responsible for releasing certain aspects or our lives, ideals, and belief structures that are no longer working for us as individuals and a unified consciousness, as its' purpose is to bring truth to our ego without it resulting in immediate "death". Destruction is a necessity, because in order to build anew, what is up must first come down. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the importance of destruction is just as important as creation. Without the one, there could not be the other. Alas, the power of duality as one.

So where does the moon get its' vital information from?
Certainly not the Sun. The Sun is what people describe as 'ignorant bliss.' It is the most powerful aspect in our lives and yet, where would humanity be without the influence of some compelling truth in our everyday lives? For this reason, the moon takes on the role of shadow, in Jungian terms, which expresses hard to swallow truths. When the ego (Sun) begins to understand its' true potential including these truths, it becomes active, similar to when one awakens in the morning, stretching out to all parts of the world, making irs presence known.

I can almost assure you that this specific projection is what caused Japan's Earthquake/Tsunami domino effect, because as I mentioned in my previous post, 'Pole Reversal and the Cosmos'- the Sun is a mirror of us, as personified Earth, and Earth expands whenever its' consciousness does.

So instead, the moon channels information and potential awareness from the Galactic Center, which is the core of spiritual essence, the 'god particle,' and the manifestation of our Omnipotent/Omnipresent Self. The moon distributes that information to us depending on our individualized connection to the Moon, Sun, and Center and how well we've come to desensitize our egos. Our ego, the collective consciousness represented by the Sun believes in all its power and might that it is god. The shadowy influence of the moon is a token reminder that it is truly much greater than that and also nothing at all, simultaneously.

Now, many astronomers describe the moon on the 19th of March to be a Supermoon. It will be extremely close to Earth at the time of its' peak, when it is full. This light that shines in the dark serves as a catalyst for our growth which will be particularly strong at this point. It allows us to see certain 'ugly' truths about ourselves that instead of rejecting to accept, must embrace and learn from. Allow the coming changes to consume you. Embody them as you see the manifestation of these changes in the outside world, as well. Become the chaos rather than fighting against it, as it is part of your nature, but don't lose yourself in the chaos either, but rather, own it. This will help you adapt to the upcoming changes, on a spiritual, psychological, and physical level.

The moon, coming near Earth, can be seen as our willingness to receive QA BA LAH. The Sun's activity can be seen as its' last attempts to fight this truth. The Sun will eventually accept its' position, by understanding and accepting the power of both creation and destruction, which is its fate. Ironically and inevitably, it is both creation and destruction in essence.

This is the electrifying power of the Kundalini rising.
We can now feel the growing truth within our consciousness and the greater understanding of life that has humbled our egos, giving us the opportunity to start again in a new way, a new form, and a new light. It is the Anima/Animus within us all and their polarization that creates the zero-point balance and awareness within ourselves and the Universe as a whole. Never underestimate the power of the Self which is a universe both above, and below.

 It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them (CW8:794).

**In the next coming days, I will be discussing some dreams/visions in the last year that immediately relate to our current events. Stay tuned and until next time friends,
Altruistic love and Self remembrance.