Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pole Reversal and the Cosmos

  I recently wrote a blog about the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, (not my first) but felt I didn't focus enough on explaining, to my understanding, what exactly a Pole Reversal is in relation to the cosmos, why it may occur and how it affects us on all levels, so I wanted to take some time and go over it to the best of my ability.

  As I mentioned in my post, 'New Cycle, New Sign, New North', I believe that the Zodiac is a macro cosmic clock. Instead of numbers measuring the position of the sun to tell time, our ancestors used it to measure ages (like the hour) which landed on specific archetypes or 'signs' which directly influence our values, roles, emotions, with the potential of new paradigms.

   Shiva-Lingha, the Destroyer, is not known as death within itself, but as 'change.' Change to something that is no longer functioning or in harmony with its' surroundings. Learning to vibrate at specific frequencies and being capable of adapting to change results in an alchemical evolution; being able to witness and participate in such drastic change. I believe that through the passing of each age, the Earth grows or expands, as with all life forms. Growth takes place gradually, but sometimes it occurs in drastic leaps. This awareness is the measurement of growth, marked by an age, like an initiation or rites of passage, such as a Sweet 16ths or Quinces. The sun is a reflection of our consciousness, so its growth mirrors earth's growth! The magnetic north pole shift is the effect (because of time) of solar flares, hence why earths electromagnetic fields weaken in the process. Something similar happens on the sun. Earth goes through a cycle of time (the zodiac) which at the turn of an age may cause pole reversals that act as a growth spurt because of its' connection to the sun (our consciousness manifested on a macro level). We all know how uncomfortable those can be, but the result is always one we're capable of handling. The destroyer aspect causes this change that allows us to reevaluate our belief systems or ideologies and cancels out what is no longer working; something all Science, History, and Religious Texts are in suit to follow. In order for this to occur, our very foundations must be shaken, which is what is happening in the world today. The sun/pole shift is affecting us physically and spiritually, expanding our very own consciousness, to the point where this information becomes accessible through activation of ancestral or "junk" DNA memory.  

   The north and south don't 'flip' as is believed. To my understanding, from reading the NASA article, many Magnetic Norths (and Souths) start appearing all over the Earth. You know this when you see Auroras in many different places on earth, similar to how the Northern part of the U.S. was able to see it last year. Well, that's just the beginning. Eventually, the popping up of Norths and Souths will be in constant motion for a while triggered by these sun spots, which in effect loosen the Earth's magnetic shield. A full on reversal may occur in the coming years which, as previously stated, is the result of Earth's expansion. This in turn causes geomagnetic and seismic activity. Volcanic lava allows for new land masses while other land masses inundate. It is all about shifting roles, in order to experience all perspectives in this grand fascination called life. No one knows for sure how long a reversal lasts, though there are some groups who believe that it can take up to thousands of years. Once the poles are stabilized (it can end up anywhere), we have an official New Magnetic North, a New Age, and a New paradigm for living. It will be a new beginning.

"Blessed is he who shall stand in the beginning, and he shall know the end and shall not taste of death."- Gospel of Thomas; Nag Hammadi

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