Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Cycle, New Sign, New North

  It is no coincidence that every single news source has taken upon themselves to introduce a "new" constellation and zodiac sign to the public, but why?

  Magnetic North has shifted into Siberia. A new vantage point from earth introduces a constellation that has been there for millenia but never used in our zodiac until now. More than likely, it will affect only those born 2011 and after since it is the first time in modern history that Ophiuchus is introduced publicly by the world press. But astrology is more than horoscopes. Our ancestors understood it as a means to measure time. The 13th sign of Ophiuchus, known as the serpent bearer, has been considered an ecliptic sign since its' discovery, but because of the earth's new and ongoing shift of its axis, it is possible that it maybe now appear within our zodiacal spectrum.

  The last shift occurred about 3,000 years ago. The Northern star shifted from Thuban in Draco to Polaris. The zodiac we know of today has been based on this vantage point. However, the shifting magnetic north is once again calling for a new northern star which may also change the zodiacal wheel we find ourselves in, this time with 13 signs.

   The magnetic North is shifting at 40 km per year, calculated to soon become aligned with Vega in the constellation of Lyra. The zodiacal story we've all been reading about today is basically a gentle way of letting the public know we are in for some great changes. Already, airports have had to shut down, and we all continue to hear about the ongoing mass deaths of birds and fish all around the world with seemingly no explanation. But if you consider the biology of these beings and understand that both bird and fish alike use Earth's magnetic field created by the magnetic north and south poles for navigation, then things begin to become apparent and alas, sense at last. Consider what happens to planes and ships that cross over the Bermuda Triangle. This story in the mainstream is simply an introduction to a new sign to those who have not yet been aware of it. It is also a clear indicator of the implications magnetic North has had already this year alone.

   Since each sign of the zodiac is composed of 30 degrees, each astrological age might be thought to last about 72 (years) × 30 (degrees) = about 2160 years. So about every 2,100- 3,700 years, a pole shift occurs marking a new age. The zodiac has contained 12 signs since we can remember, with the age of Pisces being the last. Every 26,000 marks the completion of a full wheel, and a new cycle begins. This is known as the Great Year or Platonic Year. This complete cycle and ongoing pole shift is said to be on schedule with its' peak occurring in 2012. Evidence of the pole shift can be seen now and in the years to come.


  According to NASA, soon, there shall be many magnetic Norths and Souths all over the world creating beautiful landscapes of color in our skies otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. This is the result of the weakening of Earth's magnetic field which serves as both a shield for protection and a quarantine against the vastness that is space so that nothing can come in and no one can go out.

  It is said, that the Precession of the Equinox and the entering of the Photon Belt in 2012 will completely dissipate Earth's electromagnetic sphere, which may be the reason why our ancestors built such elaborate underground cities, wouldn't you agree? Especially considering all the warnings of repetition they have left us.

     Looking back at history and following my ancestral guidance, it seems as though the most impacting cataclysms take place due to the Precession of the Equinox, causing a spontaneous leap in consciousness and evolution that may be scientifically proven by observing both biology and time.

According to the New World Bible, the zodiac, up until now, has been divided into four parts consisting of three ages, each age emphasizing an archetypal phase, repeated throughout.The Zodiac is divided as follows:
  • Age of Aquarius (Water); Destroyer / Age of Capricorn (Goat); Creator / Age of Sagittarius (Archer); Saviour
  • Age of Scorpio (Scorpion); Destroyer / Age of Libra (Scales); Creator / Age of Virgo (Virgin); Saviour
  • Age of Leo (Lion); Destroyer / Age of Cancer (Crab); Creator / Age of Gemini (Twins); Saviour
  • Age of Taurus (Bull); Destroyer / Age of Aries (Ram); Creator /  Age of Pisces (Fish); Saviour

  Unlike the zodiac wheels we are used to where Aries is first, Aries is the 11th sign, and Aquarius is first. This makes much more sense considering that the age before Pisces was indeed Aries, the Ram, and the one we are going into is Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

  Note that each quarter consists of three phases according to the age. The phases represented by each age are Destroyer (O), Creator (A), and Saviour (I).

   The Saviour phase of every quarter amplifies duality. Wars are heightened. It is the time that throughout history, we have seen the airplane and the ship come into existence, long before our current recorded dates of these technologies. These are the 'dark ages' of the zodiac, as it is maintained by a game of War and Peace and a veil of forgetfulness. Polarity is in a state of dualism rather than harmony awareness which systematically, and paradoxically, is followed by the Destroyer Age. Throughout history we have seen the Redeemer archetypes: Krishna, Horus, and Jesus who are said through religious texts, to be the Christs, knowing the Universal language of the Laws of Vibrational Energy, which sustain and preserve humanity, sharing and extending the Law of One who at the end of the age (now) are resurrected with this knowingness, which in turn is the seed for the next generations in the coming age. It is the Iota in Thelema.

  The Destroyer phase, also known as Omega, follows Redeemer. Many religions personify it as the God of Justice, whereas Judgment Day takes place on the 12th hour of the zodiacal clock. Earth changes throughout the destroyer phases occur on different levels depending on the karmic situation. At the brink of every destroyer, you can find a world-wide cataclysm waiting to occur. Destroyer ages in the past have included the deity Shiva, with a large emphasis on Pluto in modern day. According to New World Bible, the cycle begins with the destroyer who tears down what did not work in order to build anew.

 The Creator phase, is said to be like Spring, where new life emerges, and/or reshaped. The God Cronus is symbolic of Saturn. Very few existing ancient traditions regard this age of the beginning of each new cycle as the Golden Age, such as in Greek and Roman mythologies, the Bhagavad Gita, and other Hindu yugas, etc.

   This is a time where realities begin to overlap. The choices and consequence will become more and more clear by the day to those aware of the box, within and without. Can Ophiuchus in itself be a completely different age on a whole other plane of existence? Aligning with our consciousness to perhaps allow us to choose our next aeon? As my friend Donny says, Ophichus is, after all, 'the only sign to become human' and therefore possesses the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Our 26,000 year cycle, a complete trip around the Zodiac marks the end of the fourth complete cycle as far as human knowledge is concerned and welcomes the 5th. The Hopis call this the time of the 'Fifth Sun.' This isn't the first time.

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