Monday, June 21, 2010

Facing our Fears When Presented in Dreams and in Waking Life

Acknowledging Fear in our Dreams: Our first chance to release

Nightmares are our mind's way of working out our fears triggered by deep rooted subconscious thoughts we are often not aware of in our waking state. The ego-mind is usually programmed to take the things we don't like about ourselves, the negative situations we find ourselves in, and our judgmental thoughts of others and store them deep within, what Carl Jung calls, the Shadow. This neglect is like locking a zombie in your basement. Not something many of us are aware of doing. You feel safer knowing that a wall separates you from this monster, but with enough knocking, the monster can and will let itself free, which is why I encourage daily inner cleansing (I will blog more on this soon). When something arises in a dream that causes unease or a sensation of pain, take it as a valuable opportunity to examine and analyze the dream by asking yourself questions pertaining to the situation at hand upon waking. Doing so helps the self acknowledge, to an extent, what and where the memory lay. This is our chance to embrace and release.

Acknowledging the Challenge we Manifest

I have come to find that nightmares, like dreams, are thoughts we experience parallel to our own physical realities, each with a different vibration set in motion, ready to influence and possibly manifest in our waking life. If you find your nightmares manifesting in one form or another, it is a clear sign of lack of attention towards the details of our painful dreams, hence the missed opportunity to embrace and release before they were made manifest. If one is unable to confront their fear on a conscious level when it immediately occurs, nor in a dream afterward, it may arise in the form of challenge in our daily life. If one does not confront their fears, the response is karmic, and a cycle of repetition will occur until fear ceases within one's psyche and the potential of growth is made. When challenges arise, choose to learn from them rather than struggle, for they are 'stepping stones' on our path to liberation.

Releasing Our Fears and Simply Trusting:

Acknowledging our fears gives us the opportunity to reflect within our selves and choose the reality that is best for All. This strengthens your personal connection with Source in trusting embrace towards all that life gives you including whatever changes come our way.

If you force the situation, you will create more challenges for yourself. Go with the Flow. The best is magick is performed with patience.
We live in infinite consciousness in infinite realities. Astral projection & dreams are but the smallest glimpses of these many different worlds we find ourselves in. Be aware and never underestimate your power.

Seek the Light in all things and you will have joy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Isis Ra El, the Spiritual Israel

Yizr'El (Isis Ra El) is a term that edifies two specific keys

1) the triune archetype and

2) its' Egyptian origin

   Contrary to popular belief, Israel is not a land, much less a Rothschilds sponsored state; nor is it limited to "jews," as we have recently been told. Yizr'el, we read, are the people who struggled with the accepted idea of a monotheistic god. Isis Ra El is not Polytheistic by any means but pantheistic, which is what we were accustomed to thousands of years ago, and now again remembering the meaning and significance of this psychological concept. Pantheism simply means, the understanding that All creates One and that the One is in All. 

  Isis Ra El exiled approximately 2000 years ago because of a socio-political battle for land and kingship in ancient Israel that scattered us all over the world. Today, they are of different nationalities, backgrounds, religions, and creeds.

Luke 21:24 (KJV) - And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

"While the earlier books of the Hebrew Bible often use goy to describe the Israelites, the later ones tend to apply the term to other nations."

People, particularly Christians, believe a gentile is a pagan or heathen due to its mistranslations by both Rome & Jewish prospects. A Christian does not see his/herself as a pagan, although Paganism is camouflaged in the Piscean Age of "Christianity". In actuality, the term derives of the root words gens, general, gene, genus, & genesis, and one can therefore conclude that it literally means 'a family/tribe with a specific gene of origin.' Can this describe the remnants of our wise ancient ancestors from Babylonia to Egypt, and prior to that in Atlantis or Lemuria?

Below we see, Isis (far Right), representative of the remnant 
line, King Osirus/Ra (Middle), and Falcon headed Horus, El (Left). 
Isis Ra El.

 Sometime during the Roman Empire, the Church Fathers mistranslated the gospels  written by initiated Gnostics (Essenes) found in the 3rd & 4th century AD. It is important to note that Rome was and continues to be highly threatened by these early Christians and their secret of the 'Holy Grail.' In order to keep their power, they mistranslated many words and whole texts of the New Testament in order to promote tolerance for tyranny. The meaning of Gentile was changed to "foreigner," and described all "Non-citizens of Catholic Rome" as Gentile. It has been accepted since that gentile defines all "Non-Jews." The 
biblical definition of Gentile today is 'nations,' due to its' political correctness. But when the word is dissected as I showed above, one can understand that the term, in itself, is very specific, and does not refer to any particular religion or race but a people with memory activated DNA... this can be anyone who is able to tap into the Unified field of Super Consciousness...what the Gnostics called, The Great Spirit (Nag Hammadi).

1 Corinthians 2:7 -No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God--his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began.

Colossians 1:26- The mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the remnant.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mother Bleeds: A Spiritual Look at the Oil Spill Catastrophe

If you've been following up on alternative news and doing your own extensive research, you know that the two individuals involved in the largest man-made tragedy in the history of the United states was Bush and Cheney when they executed the events that took place on 9-11. Again, we find them in the heart of the Gulf's oil rig explosion.

Before signing out of office, Bush and Cheney passed a law to make 'the acoustic switch' not required for use during offshore drilling in the United States. The BP oil company then skimped out on it this year, saving $500,000 (which, to them, is like $0.50). Anyone in that business knows the devastation an oil spill/oil well explosion would cause, not just to our waters, our land, its ecosystems, the animals, the food chains, the air, and to us humans, but our entire planet, which is why it's required by law in every country that supports off-shore drilling, with the exception of ours. "To save" $500k knowing the risks was not irrational, but planned. Bush and Cheney, the individuals that passed that law into effect, are the same individuals that run British Petroleum and Halliburton, and I wouldn't be surprised if they ran the chemical dispersant company, as well.

The Grand Scheme of Things: Focusing on the Big Picture
The effect:

It was the stirring motion of the ritualistic sacrifice that took place at Ground Zero in 2001 that opened gateways and portals for mass acceleration of consciousness on a grand scale. It was these events that allowed us to understand the eminent change that is taking place on Earth and within us. We are ascending and we wouldn't know this otherwise. Knowing this, knowing the balance and perfect harmony of the Universe, you can't consider them 100% evil, because without those evils, there would be no growth, no change, no catalyst to understand our purpose. This, my brothers and sisters, is occurring again and if your memory serves you well, is exactly what brought the demise of Atlantis. We know who they what are we to do? Damn them to eternal damnation? Or thank them for playing their role? There can't be life without death, light without dark, joy without fear...but it is also our responsibility to share this knowledge. Be in tune with Nature and see where she takes you. We were told once that the 'oceans will turn to blood...' and it would then be time to 'come out of her.' What do you hear?

Let us not forget for a moment that our thoughts create reality and the way we think influences all of the above. I think the best outcome in the long run can and will occur only if we believe in one. Remind yourself everyday, that no matter how hard things may seem, at the foundation of it all lies our Collective Super Conscious, that always does things for a reason that always benefits the Whole. This Pleroma, a matrix field is rapidly shifting and the key is preparedness of Heart, so that our inner voice can guide our way and the mind's eye can light our paths.