Monday, June 21, 2010

Facing our Fears When Presented in Dreams and in Waking Life

Acknowledging Fear in our Dreams: Our first chance to release

Nightmares are our mind's way of working out our fears triggered by deep rooted subconscious thoughts we are often not aware of in our waking state. The ego-mind is usually programmed to take the things we don't like about ourselves, the negative situations we find ourselves in, and our judgmental thoughts of others and store them deep within, what Carl Jung calls, the Shadow. This neglect is like locking a zombie in your basement. Not something many of us are aware of doing. You feel safer knowing that a wall separates you from this monster, but with enough knocking, the monster can and will let itself free, which is why I encourage daily inner cleansing (I will blog more on this soon). When something arises in a dream that causes unease or a sensation of pain, take it as a valuable opportunity to examine and analyze the dream by asking yourself questions pertaining to the situation at hand upon waking. Doing so helps the self acknowledge, to an extent, what and where the memory lay. This is our chance to embrace and release.

Acknowledging the Challenge we Manifest

I have come to find that nightmares, like dreams, are thoughts we experience parallel to our own physical realities, each with a different vibration set in motion, ready to influence and possibly manifest in our waking life. If you find your nightmares manifesting in one form or another, it is a clear sign of lack of attention towards the details of our painful dreams, hence the missed opportunity to embrace and release before they were made manifest. If one is unable to confront their fear on a conscious level when it immediately occurs, nor in a dream afterward, it may arise in the form of challenge in our daily life. If one does not confront their fears, the response is karmic, and a cycle of repetition will occur until fear ceases within one's psyche and the potential of growth is made. When challenges arise, choose to learn from them rather than struggle, for they are 'stepping stones' on our path to liberation.

Releasing Our Fears and Simply Trusting:

Acknowledging our fears gives us the opportunity to reflect within our selves and choose the reality that is best for All. This strengthens your personal connection with Source in trusting embrace towards all that life gives you including whatever changes come our way.

If you force the situation, you will create more challenges for yourself. Go with the Flow. The best is magick is performed with patience.
We live in infinite consciousness in infinite realities. Astral projection & dreams are but the smallest glimpses of these many different worlds we find ourselves in. Be aware and never underestimate your power.

Seek the Light in all things and you will have joy.