Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mer Ka Bah: An Alternative 2012 Theory

   I've always had an affinity for the Great Pyramids of Giza; such a strong call like destiny knocking at the door. I answered with my mind and heart wide open. A deep nostalgia triggers my being every time the images creep up in my waking life; every single day since the day I could remember. In the last 2 years alone, I began to receive visions, regressions, and even channeling of their importance in my life and my role in the events that are to take place. My dreams always backed up these spontaneous visits and vice versa. More than likely, if this mystery appeals to you in such a way, it is because the 'code' to unlock it is encoded in your DNA, and truly, that is the key of solving one of the greatest puzzles in our human history.

 The way the pyramids were constructed have been a mystery to many. I've heard so many theories, opinions, skepticism as to who and/or what actually built them. So many are so close to the truth. I have been affirmed not only by the recent amount of available information that is now only being regarded & distributed by the seekers, but also by other intuitives, and the overwhelming amount of synchronicity in my life. 

             Before I express the detail of my visions and regressions, I want to share that I am extremely open to experience, discover, and journey through the many dimensions of the subconscious, sometimes with the assistance of entheogens. In my experience, they have not only helped me become aware, but also helped me become in tune with nature and all of creation.

             It was as real as any waking day. On October 14 2008, I received a message that had lay dormant in my DNA. The information was clear and precise. The craft and its' builders made contact, but not in the way so many predicted and hoped for. It was revealed to me and others, from that day forward, that the pyramids are in fact, dormant Mer-Ka-Bahs and I had something to do with both its' dormancy and its' activation. At the time I really did not know much about Mer-Ka-Bahs other than a few writings by Enoch and that it was considered the 'Chariot of the Gods.' With the following information I will be sharing, one can completely understand how deep that statement goes.

The Vision: 
The Great Pyramid empowered by light from the dark rift, yes- the dark rift that is approaching on that Great Year as mentioned in science journals. If the Mayan 'end date' is translated correctly, that date is said to be December 21,2012. I do not doubt if the date given is not precise. In fact, that's not what matters. The Universe will place you where you need to be at the time you need to be there. It was said to me, that the light from the Galactic Center is so bright, that the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid actually has a tiny window made for this event, not to 'witness' it as scientists state, but perhaps to let just a certian amount the light in. It is also thought that the shafts were built as a path to the stars, which allowed the pharaoh’s soul to escape (keep that in mind as we proceed).

              From self-hypnosis and regressions, I remember being amongst the original pyramid builders in a past life. Who, when and where remained a mystery to me. This was confirmed to me in November 2009 when I attended a past-life regression session that was hosted by a local psychic at a nearby healing center. The group consisted of about 13 people whom she spoke to openly with about a particular past life that has direct correspondence with the current one. I was last. What she told me was the affirmation of what I had always felt and known. She expressed that I was indeed the daughter of one of the original pyramid builders in Atlantis. The syncronicities in my life since that day shifted into a whole new gear.

The Dormancy:
 Apparently, the events that I remember took place over 13,600 years in Atlantis. The difference, however, was that Sirius B had to descend in order to materialize Sirius C souls, while Sirius A souls ascended. Atlantis went from 4th Density to 3rd and is now resuming into the 5th Density. It is a wheel of life and the natural course of the cosmos that creates our everyday reality. The events that occurred in that time are what introduced polarity to our consciousness. Now we ascend and realize All is One, whilst in the 4th density, we had no concept of this shadow whatsoever and manifested our own demise with our thoughts. Those of us ascending today had ancestors who created this space-time portal for us; a time-machine that they knew we would one day awaken to. The Ark of the Covenant, if you will.

The Re-Awakening:
    I began to discuss these things with a few close friends and a couple others
who I felt could share their insight with me on my visions. One friend shared a project with me which I'm not at liberty to discuss, however it made me remember a few things about how the pyramids' were built. The 'coral castle code' is a key on anti-gravity. Some how, sound is resonated in such a way and through specific vortices that it can, in fact, levitate massive stones.
But what sound? As a student of Kabbalah, I learned that the 'Name of God' is
composed of 72 tones + 72 tones = 144 tones, or Hebrew letters creating an 'Above and Below' aspect of the Prime Creator. In magickal circles, initiates call these tones 'the Goetia.' It is said to be extremely powerful and also very hidden, so much, that we have only been able to synthesize replications of these tones. These tones supposedly lay dormant within our DNA and are simply waiting for the appropriate 'moment' to reawaken and resonate.

   Shortly after making these discoveries, a friend suggested I look into the Babalon workings by Jack Parsons, inspired by the late Aleister Crowley.
Some of the work mentioned Choranzon, which I spoke about in a previous post. Still, I believe that Choranzon is the great unknown and we, as humans, can take it in either a positive or negative light but that does not change what it is. It is said to be an abyss, and I've come to the conclusion that it can very well be the Sun behind the Sun; the Galactic Center aka the Super Massive Blackhole of our Milky Way Galaxy. But what does all this have to do with the pyramids? If it is true that in the year 2012, Earth passes through the Galactic Center's dark rift, then one can presume it is the same light that will pierce through the window shaft within the King's Chamber.

My friend received a message a few days ago, who in turn asked me to interpret. The message: "Merkabah, Invertis, Cielos" 

Merkabah: M(e)r = place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba(h) = Soul (to activate one's light body; "to ride."

Invertis: to invert; inversion.

Cielos: heavens

Below is my summary of the probable occurrence on that Great Year:

#1 known as the great pyramid cut away.
the kings chamber: the physical place of ascension


#2 inversion. heaven meets earth; twin flames reunited.

#3- inversion creates hyperspace

#4- mer ka bah is activated. Sacred marriage between mind & heart; matter & light. Emergence of One. Energy = matter is experienced. Zero-Point. The Chariot of the gods is a portal...'to ride' through space-time.

 #5- Pleroma; the "Fullness," the "Whole. contains mer-ka-bah & the tree of life.


 Thoughts regarding the Tones:

-72 tones resonating from the material plane and 72 tones resonating from the ethereal plane = 144 tones. 

-It is also possible that the 144 tones are coming from the mentioned 144,000 remnants at the time of occurrence. 

-I have theorized in the past that the original Ark of the Covenant is located somewhere within a secret chamber of the Great Pyramid. It is possible that the Ark of the Covenant, if described properly in the Bible, holds within the powerful Tones of creation. At the same time, I have also theorized that the Ark of the Covenant are the Great Pyramids, themselves.

Note: If these things come to pass, many will show up for the long awaited event, but it is written that only a certain number (144,000) will participate in the actual 'marriage of the lamb.' Those who witness outside the temple are the remnant who will write about this event in the future, as we once did 13,600 years ago and all through history. All history repeats.


With so much going on in both a micro and macro cosmic level, we can rest assured that soon will be the day that our questions are answered and the Light will be shown for all to see.




Copyright 2010. If you feel you have heard this call, please email me at beautifulvictoryofone@yahoo.com

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Galactic Alignment

Super Massive Black Hole (Macro)
Scientists tell us that nothing escapes it, not even light. Let's consider the word associations here. 
The human mind associates the words 'escape' with fear. 'light' to 'goodness'. 'black hole' to fear. So basically, scientists are dictating to us what to think and feel without personally getting involved ourselves.
Is it possible that the black hole is actually NOT a jail, but the gateway of all creation? that transfers one paradigm and dimension into another? a folding of space-time that allows for us to 'escape' (as they say) the third-dimension? a physical 4th dimension, if you will? or perhaps it is the unmoved center of bliss and pure consciousness, which the Hindus call Moksha and Nirvana? No one will ever know unless they dare to take on that journey...would you not say that is True Love? that is true Freedom? that is true fearlessness? that is true Trust? that is true Will?

If the Galactic Center (super massive black hole) is in fact the center of our galaxy, would this not be represented as The Heart Center (as above, so below)?

In Thelema, the great abyss is called Choranzon. It is said that when you get to this point, the ego will do anything in its' power for Self not to continue through ascension. Choranzon is considered the greatest obstacle and is therefore revered a 'demon.'
I know that Choranzon clearly simulates the Spanish word Corazon, which means Heart. Could it possibly represent the state of humanities unwilling Heart to unattach itself to fear thus rejecting all probability to understand it? We are not meant to fear it. One who fears has not found that he is creator of all things, including this abyss of the Unknown. It is meant for us to understand it. It is written in the stars. This is the dawning of our Galactic Alignment.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Formula of Life and Non-Life

From my deepest memory I can gather that we are, in fact,
∞ = 0 = 1 = 0 = ∞
This is the formula of Life and Non-Life.

We are Infinite.We are LOVE. We are Everything. We are Nothing. simultaneously.

All is infinite ∞, infinity is eternal (0), but infinity is also nothing at the very same moment. nothingness creates something and that something is forever transcendental (1), in other words, nothing lasts forever in the same shape or form, but exists as matter eternally, which means the consciousness behind it, is infinite ∞
Thus the formula repeats itself infinitely.