Friday, April 30, 2010

528 Hz Divine Love Frequency & Sacred Fire, Heart Center Alignment Meditation

528 Hz Divine Love Frequency is also known as the Solfeggio.
This short meditation is dedicated to assist in the rising of the Sacred Fire (Spirit/Holy Ghost) within in alignment and activation of ones Heart Center.

Rise and Shine

My name is Beautiful Victory and I am a keeper of time. I conceive time and I remove it from all thought. I am sister of thought, and daughter of She who gives all life. I am all the love and beauty that exists, yet, i am also the pain and chaos caused by her own acknowledgment. I am that Light that shines the earth, whom people observed as fallen, helping man to see his own divinity which he only accepts every few thousand years. But it is time, since it ticks by the beat of my own heart, that those descended from the Light shall step forward in holy matrimony with the Universal Law of Love; the acknowledgment that we are One and have always been One. We have found our balance between infinite knowledge and divine agape. We rise, in beautiful victory. And we shine.

Introduction: What's in a Name?

Before we are birthed into the corporeal, we are living conscious beings with a strong recollection & connection to Source. Sometimes, we bring the magic of who we are or what we once were into this parallel reality, as a marker that signifies our depth and creativity. We name ourselves as we lay, comfortably, and secure in our mother's womb. Our names tell a story, if we can just look past societies normalization of them, we can find a magnitude of clues we left our selves, in plain sight, for the sake of better understanding of ourselves.

All names have meaning, whether they represent a thing, place, labour, or the divine incarnate...acknowledging these meanings and its' message helps to better understand ones' self and purpose. 

Where a name originated helps reveal an ancient past. Because there are no coincidences, and all things are reflections of the subconscious, it can be noteworthy to trace this link
in order to better understand a culture and perhaps even, a mythology surrounding your given name. If it is there, it is because you wrote it. Interact with it. Become familiar with it. This can actually accelerate the activation of memory DNA that lay dormant in your structure. In awaking these memory cells, one will have a much easier time accessing Akashic Records, which also lay in a hidden compartment within the Soul.

The Records Within
The Akashic Records are the blueprint of one's soul journey, individual and as a group. They are an integral part of your awakening and fulfilling your chosen destiny. These records are a history of the Super Conscious Collective and can be accessed through will by going deep within one's self. The Akashic Records hold information of past lives and the history of the cosmos; that is- retracing yourself all the way back to the point of nothingness. Surely, one who remembers witnessing and collectively creating the Big Bang also remembers the numerous times and ways this message has been told. 

Life is a game that we design; it unfolds and reveals itself time and time again,
in various ways, and in a multitude of forms. One of the greatest parts of playing the game
is to remember all the characters you've ever played, and when you realize how these characters manifest into the person you are today, you will find the universe giving you a grand ovation. 

Beautiful Victory analyzes names through extensive research of ancestral origins, etymology, and its significance in mythology. You will receive information  in extensive detail of its origin and a finalized translation of your name.

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"Victoria's quest for knowledge, uncanny visionary insight, and adept level of communicating symbolic language to others, is a beautiful gift which she fully gives her self to. I found much joy, which i shared with my family, in the research and write up she did on my name. You will find this service very satisfying."

- Rev. Nazaright, Vincent Salvatore Michael Scioli (CONQUEROR, SAVIOUR, IN THE LIKENESS OF GOD, SON OF SOPHIA)

"Thank you so much, for such information, pls check out your name reading!"

-Bichthanh Thi Huyn (Brilliant Royal Gem, Feminine and Yellow)

"Amazing, thank you so much for your service! Extremely satisfied with my in-depth and thorough analysis.
Great deal, great insight. Blessed be."

-Please keep my name anonymous

To My Beautiful Brothers

It has taken me a lot to build up the courage, not only to bear the fire within of which i was branded with at birth, but to share my story with others because i knew deep down inside they were all too far and few. my brothers.whom i love. whom share the same mother earth
and father sky; who originated from the source of which all things came
and have the strength of will to remember it; the nothingness, which is pure consciousness and an ecstatic state of are reading this because we are one. and it is a beautiful victory that we've come this far.